Sign Language Wednesday

Okay because so many wanted the Hookers story I mentioned yesterday here you go 🙂
The stage: N Md, front porch of house we’d moved into maybe five days earlier.  At the front door we have Boo, 3 years old and in the driveway getting ready to go to work we have Hubby. The following conversation ensues around 8:20 am. Boo is yelling this by the way.
Boo: Hey daddy!
Hubby: Yes Boo?
Boo: We need some of those things, umm, you know some HOOKERS!
Hubby: {Trying not to laugh} Okay we’ll have to go to the store.
Meanwhile Mom {me} is dying because there are neighbors {you know the people we actually haven’t even MET yet outside}.  For clarification the kid was talking about hooks for his train set, you know as in hookers?
It’s no wonder we never got invited to any potlucks in the two years we lived there…
Moving on: It’s time for Sign Language Wednesday!  I admit I procrastinated this week and just did this yesterday.  If I could take a picture of my life ‘procrastination’ would be my sign of the moment. Or ‘chaos’.
If you don’t know what this event is go HERE for an explanation.

Today’s word is from Kim at Zook Book Nook.  I love this word and I had a lot of ideas for how I would use it but yesterday dawned beautiful and sunny and I couldn’t think if a better place to take a picture than here in the Ahr Wine Valley.  After all it did inspire this entire Sign Language Wednesday event.   Today’s word is Zen.
Definition: noun, a Japanese sect of Mahayana Buddhism that aims at enlightenment by direct intuition through meditation
Etymology: Japanese, religious meditation
Date: 1727
I thought yesterday nothing was more zen than a drive through the winding road in the wine valley with the sun shining full force and music in my ears (and Chick sound asleep in the back!)
I give you Zen:

This view is gives me a very zen feeling.  I could sit and stare at this view all day.  I also thought about taking a picture of the river but I couldn’t find an easy place to pull over and take a picture!  The water is hypnotic to me though, I just love watching it.
Thank you to everyone for stopping by on Sign Language Wednesdays.  Next week I will try to be here but my MIL is coming to town for a week on this Sunday (yes, we booked this ticket last night, you know four days in advance, cause we are so cool like that {320 euros from Philly to Frankfurt, not bad}) so my blogging may be a bit sparse next week or late or something.
I want to know what is your Zen?  How would you define it?  What would your picture look like?
Keep sending words my way.  If anyone of you would want to play along I can dole out the words a week in advance and set up a Mr Linky all that other stuff.  Please just leave a comment letting me know.

17 thoughts on “Sign Language Wednesday

  1. My zen is any time the Grasshopper is happily engaged in an activity (Mama-approved, of course) that doesn’t require my involvement.You know, those times when the house is quiet and you check on your child to find him stretched out on the floor of his room playing trains.That right there is MY zen


  2. First I want to say a BIG thank you to you Andrea! My daughter received her gift in the mail today from your 400th post celebration: a drawing from your daughter! And you snuck some awesome chocolate in there too! How did you know that I was all out and craving some? So thank you so much! My daughter ran to the refrigerator with the picture and put it up right away :)I like how you used “zen” today! We used to live in Japan and your photo reminded me of the view we had from our apartment, except instead of the green hills above houses it was an entire stretch of a huge cemetary. Very strange, but zen-like for some people there I guess. Thanks for a great post and the package in the mail today! Enjoy having company 🙂


  3. See everyone? You just need to hang around me. You need hookers? Umm, never mind. That FBI file thing is plenty long as it is.Natasha – Oh that is definitely zen to me too!Robin – I love watching the boats going up and down the river. IT’s a good thing our house is set back or I’d never get anything done with staring out the window!SciFi – I know, what’s the world coming to?Val – Umm, yea, you’ll be getting an email!Crazy – I like your zen. Add lots of fluffy warm covers. No hookers for Sister Cox, got it!Cameron – He’s out of the office but can I have him call you?Petra – What can I say my boy has talent!Kim – Yeah! I am so glad it came. Enjoy the chocolate. I’m glad she liked her picture. M had fun making it.Tiara’s – There’s wine involved it could very well be Italy ;)Sassy – I shouldn’t keep driving up there it’s like 25 mins away and I am already way over for miles on my car’s lease! Oops 🙂


  4. You can get hookers in a store? I need to change my club card membership!btw I sometimes get the red background. It’s just slow – the white comes in eventually.


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