Happy Birthday to the Chick

She’s wild, unpredictable, often loving all over you (even if you don’t want her too, well unless your name is papa then you have to pass her test first).  She makes us laugh.  She makes us smile. She’s smart. She’s wily.
At 5 months at Chung Yi Taipei Taiwan

She’s a lot of other things but mostly she’s herself.  She’s The Chick.

And today the Chick is THREE big years old!  Happy Birthday Chick!

23 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Chick

  1. Happy Birthday sweetie! Auntie Val sends you lot’s of loves and hopefully I can get your darn package there soon…. before you move!


  2. I can’t believe she is three!!! It seems like last month that she came home. I love May birthdays…I think some of the best people were born in May.Happy Birthday Chick


  3. Happy Birthday beautiful girl! I’ve missed catching up with you here and now have to spend the next hour reading every word! Hope all is well.


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