F3: The First Time Around

There’s a new event in town boys and girls: Friday Foto Flashback FFF at Bex’s place – Adventures of the Grigg Boys

It’s Friday!  Yea for Friday!  Friday means it’s Flashback Friday.  It’s my first time playing so I hope I do it correctly.  Yesterday was Chick’s birthday and being that I’m a good parent we took the kids to a biergarten for dinner.  A nice cold kolsch, cheeseburgers and eating outside. Nothing says turning three like that does it?  The picture slideshow of Chick’s day is below but I also have been wanting to take this next picture for a long time.  I didn’t have my big camera with me but it didn’t turn out too bad.  This is a picture looking directly up the side of the Post Tower, 40 floors high.  Something about it being all glass I find kind of cool.  And seeing as it’s the only skyscraper in our city, you can’t miss it.

A collection of pictures from The Chick’s third birthday:
If you want to play along go to The Adventures of the Grigg Boys and visit Bex.  Link up or just see who else is playing today!
Thank you to everyone who wished the Chick a happy birthday yesterday.  She truly did have a great day.  And the Barbie hasn’t left her side for a second since she got it.  Barbie goes in the car, in bed and accompanies her pretty much everywhere.  Barbie did come with a purse, high heeled sandals and oddly enough a frosted drink with an umbrella.  Yes, she really did.


14 thoughts on “F3: The First Time Around

  1. Sorry I missed Chicks big day! Sounds like you had a good time… What I wouldn't give for a hamburger & a beer… I am LOVIN the heels & the umbrella drink.. (what has barbie come to?) Your picture turned out AMAZING… better start snapping away -won't be long & you will be home & you will want all of these pictures of your town… Have a great weekend!


  2. I love the second to last picture where she’s in her car seat and she’s holding barbie and looking at the camera like “don’t even think about it. She’s mine!” When you move back to the states I’ll have to send you all of Kenzie’s barbie stuff. She never plays with it anymore.


  3. I am so glad that we don’t have Barbie hanging around the house anymore. And all those shoes, drinks, lotions and potions…we always pitched them. Just wait till your house gets invaded by Polly Pockets.


  4. my first favorite picture is the first one of her on her scooter. did you lay on the floor to take that one? great job! my second favorite picture is the one of her grasping onto the barbie for dear life! she is so cute! thanks for letting us all share in her birthday!


  5. Awesome picture of the high-rise. Chick looks so happy. I remember when my kids were three. Ah, those were the days. Cherish every day like it’s your last. Because they grow up so fast. Thanks for sharing Chick’s day with us.


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