I’ve succumb to peer pressure

It’s happened.  I’ve succumbed to the worst kind of peer pressure and done something I swore I would not do. I haven’t checked blogs, I haven’t emailed, I’ve haven’t done any internet surfing. It all happened after a friend came over for dinner last week and we were talking about books.  
I said I didn’t have an interest in this particular book because paranormal was not my thing. 
She said it wasn’t gruesome or gory just sweet and a very good read.  She lent it to me.  It sat untouched all week until yesterday at 2 o’clock I figured I should at least read a chapter before returning it so I could honestly say I simply hadn’t cared for it.
Flash forward to 1:40 am.  The last page read.  And I’m dying to run out to Bouvier and see if they carry book two in english.  In fact all of them in enlgish so I won’t have to wait the five days if I order them.  Yep, I read it people and quite frankly I enjoyed it.

17 thoughts on “I’ve succumb to peer pressure

  1. It’s a great read. For me, I was sitting there going, “This is crap. This is one of the most poorly written books I have ever picked up. Find some new adjectives, lady! Figure out what you really want from your characters. Etc, etc.”And then I read all four.


  2. Oh my. Bella drove me nuts. I don’t think I have ever read a book with a weaker heroine. I just wanted to strangle her. But like Natasha…I read them all too 🙂


  3. NO! NOOOOOOO! Fight it! Fight it! Don’t give in. ::::sigh::: We’ve lost her to the dark side. Or should I say, the Twilight side. lol


  4. Okay, just know that when you read the beginning of book 2 you are going to want to rip it apart, burn it, and dump the ashes all over some cow manure and feed it to the gods of crappy books. BUT- push through it, it totally gets good. And you will understand WHY things happened the way the did. I don’t want to give more details. This is just the advice a friend gave to me and I was oh so grateful.


  5. I was very hesitant about starting them as well. I got the 1st book for my birthday in Feb and put off starting it until April – now I am about 100 pages from finishing book 4 and I haven't been able to stop. Thankfully I only have time ot ready at night before bed MOST nights so I have been able to linger w/ the books a little longer. Book 2 wasn't as good as the rest, but 1, 3 and 4 are good. Enjoy the world of vampires and others. (Don't want to give it away yet!) PS< They are totally meant for young adults, teenage girls, so some parts you feel the need to skip thru to get through all the melodramatic teenage BS. 😉


  6. Not sure what it is about that series but it also sucked me in. I’ve been to Forks, Washington and Port Angeles if you want to see pictures go to Washington under destinations on my blog. The town of Forks has totally gotten into it. You can get a map when you go into town that shows you where things mentioned in the book are located. They also have tours of all the sights. Fun Fun!!


  7. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I never get tired of hearing people talk (or reading people comment) about how much they hated the thought of picking up Twilight and how much they loved it once they gave it a shot. What language did you read it in? I want to read them in spanish just cause I’m looking for an excuse to re-read the series but adding something to it that’ll make it new again. I put off reading that book forever and once I picked it up I was through the first three books in two weeks or so. No sleep, limited eating breaks, only stopped for work and school. Oh Edward…


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