Here’s the scoop

It’s Sunday.  My MIL will be here in like an hour (guess I should go clean…).  She will be here all week.  Less time for the computer and blogs and all that (have to make her think I do other stuff).  So that means little time to read and comment (but you can still comment here, cause I just like the attention). 
I also did find all the Twilight books and already finished book two last night. Is it sad and pathetic that I am reading them in a matter of hours? I haven’t really decided on that one yet. But they are easy reads (though #2 kind sucked, I’m sorry Jacob is not the one I want to read about.) Don’t worry everything around here is NOT becoming about Twilight.  I promise.
Blogging Mama is getting (another) make-over.  I can’t deal with this red loading page stuff and it’s just ticking me off.  Samantha at As Time Goes By Designs (who did my other blogs) will be working her magic around here.  If I need to I may lose all your cool buttons in the sidebar. It could be messing up the loading. I am not a computer html person, I really have no idea if that is part of the problem.
Here’s the weekly rundown (because I know you are fascinated). My Hubby is home all but two days this week and Boo is in school so I don’t have to do too much of the entertaining. (I like my MIL but family when not my own freaks me out). 
Monday is HASAY day (I’m going to need some serious yelling this week!)
Tuesday is Random Thoughts – I’ve got a whole list of random all ready
Wednesday is Sign Language Wednesday
And who knows about the rest of the week, that’s about as far as I an manage. Oh and it’s memorial day isn’t it?  Or tomorrow right?  Seeing as we don’t celebrate that here I really don’t remember. What did get celebrated last night? Our neighbor’s birthday.  At 2:30 in the morning they were still outside yakking. Fireworks went off after the cake and you know the strangest part? When Germans sing Happy Birthday what language do you think it’s in?
Nope, English.  Weird huh?
Well, they are nearly here so I should wash the floor, shower and dress the Chick.  We are off to Roses for an nice outdoor brunch. Yum.

11 thoughts on “Here’s the scoop

  1. Oh geez – your MIL for a while WEEK? Got some wine? 🙂 Mine was in town for 10 days last month it and was a long. 10. days!! Books 2, like I said, wasn't the best, but now you have all that werewolve background outta the way way, it makes Book 3 & and especially 4 more interesting. Enjoy !!! And good luck! 😉


  2. Happy Birthday to your neighbour. Enjoy the week with your family, I know what you mean. I find inlaw invasions very stressful. It’s very hard not to feel like everything you do is the wrong way to do things, or not enough. Wine, yes it’s cultural… get the strong stuff. How much longer is the school year there?


  3. Yo, Greetings from a Dublin taxi driver…You have some scarey reading there.Taxi drivers are like Mae West. “Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls (and taxi drivers) go everywhere.Keep up the blog.What the world needs now is


  4. Hopefully, you like this MIL. I loved Jacob in the Twighlight books —Actually, I liked him better then Edward. He seemed more manly —Edward is tooo perfect, only gay guys are that perfect


  5. That’s nuts that they sing Happy Birthday in English. I hope the visit goes smoothly, when my FIL comes down I’m on angry pins and needles the entire time.


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