Monday Monday

It’s Monday.  Another week starts.  Of course it’s HASAY Truth Day.  Ugh.  I did okay this week. I went running yesterday (in the 75 degree temps not my most brilliant move maybe) but it felt good to get out there.  I’m getting this whole breathing while running thing down (thanks David at Dadshouse for the tips!) and that is good.  It means I’m still alive when I get back to the car. With visiting mil this week and Hubby taking days off I ‘ll be able to get out again. And bonus I don’t have to worry so much about the bikers on the path cutting me off into the bushes or the naked children on the beach during the week. Nudity and Bonn who would have thunk it?
I think I yogaed a few times this past week and other than the chips and the dreaded cookies (whose name I promise not to ever mention again) I stuck to a healthier eating plan this week. Now that blueberries are in season mm hmm.  Okay the the ice cream under the blueberries maybe negates it a bit but I swear there were more blueberries than ice cream.  We only went to Starbucks twice I think and so okay I had a 5,829 calorie latte macchiato at brunch yesterday and all that prosciutto and lovely chorizo with the marbled fat… and lets not forget the fresh mozzarella…
Where was I?  I don’t know either.  
Anyway. I hear it was Memorial Weekend.  I love this holiday because it is the kick-off of sumer and the lake.  Did I go to the lake?  No, I ran along the river and saw those naked children swimming in the filthy Rhein river though. Right alongside the commerce barges. Yuck.
My car is currently not loving moving in reverse. She coughs. That is definitely not a good thing.  Poor Lucy must have caught a cold from the kids. Probably a Not Covered By Your Lease kind of cold. No warning lights to speak of but she’s been out of sorts for a few weeks now. I am thinking I will simply pretend there is nothing wrong with her until she either breaks down (please no!) or until a light pops up telling me what the heck is wrong with her. This is a great plan huh?
Other than a houseguest it’s been a slow weekend (well there were the books). Not much to write and too much to read.  
How did you spend your holiday weekend? Did you do anything I wish I could have done? And yes this is a randomish post even though it’s Monday.

8 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Running, way to go! I’m very impressed. I think the Running would help the starbucks, but remember ice cream is milk and some(those that don’t have a intolerance or don’t want to eat dairy products) of us need that dairy 🙂


  2. I so get what you mean about this weekend being the kick off to summer. Yesterday is was nice and sunny out and it was relaxing listening to the kids shout and play and the bees buzzing and the drone of the lawn mower. Can’t wait for the lake!


  3. Lakes and rivers… real rivers?? There are no rivers here, only dirty canals. Happy HASAY Monday! I’ve been considering running to replace my workouts with Keeennnyyyy but I too haven’t got the breathing thing figured out.


  4. I did laundry, watched my boyfriend watch basketball, baseball and nascar. But I WASN’T at work so it was all good. Keep up the uh hmm good work on HASAY. Runners really impress the heck out of me. Kudos!


  5. I feel like a dork when I run, so I imagine I look like one too, so I avoid it at all costs… 😉 Sounds like you had an interesting run with a view of naked children swimming in the filthy river next to commerce barges…yuck is right! 🙂 Sorry your car may have caught a cold – I do the same thing – wait for a light to come on so I know what’s really wrong… 😉 Great job on sticking to your HASAY mode this week – don’t the massive amounts of blueberries on top of ice cream pretty much cancel out the calories of the ice cream? 😉


  6. Thanks for not mentioning “those” cookies again. ;)The running is great, nice work! I haven’t done jack this weekend except clean my house from top to bottom and chase my kids. That’s gotta count for something.Have a great HASAY week, make us proud!


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