Sign Language Wednesday: Barbie


It’s Sign Language Wednesday. The day where I ask all of you for a word and I take a picture of something that represents that word. The word today is a fun one. It was suggested some time back by Sara at Domestically Challenged. I admit I took some serious liberty with the word this week and if you have impressionable young children you might want to avert their eyes.

The dictionary tells us this is the definition of domestic:

Domestic: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French domestique
Date: 15th Century

1. living near or about human habitations; tame, domesticated
2. of, relating to, or originating within a country and especially one’s own country, domestic policy
3. of or relating to the household or the family; domestic chores
4. devoted to home and duties and pleasures; leading a quietly domestic life

I think I’ll pick number four for my picture below. Somehow I think Barbie may have taken things too far. So here’s the Barbie version of Domestic

What is your version of ‘domestic’? How do you define it? What would your picture look like?
Be sure to tune in next week and see what Barbie’s up to next!
I’m also sharing my wisdom over at Venus vs Mars today so be sure to stop by.

14 thoughts on “Sign Language Wednesday: Barbie

  1. Now that is funny!!! I love it!! Just letting you know I recieved my grab bag! Thank you so much!! I just blogged about it! Got home last Wednesday night from Chicago, and it has taken me a few days to get caught back up on life!


  2. I’d like to point out my Hubby did it and it was his idea. That said I took the picture and posted it, lol!Barbie as a Lush. Yeah, that’d sell real big!


  3. I would think it was funny if there wasn’t a woman at work that looks just like that. I swear. She could be rented to kidz parties as a live Bratz doll. Creepy. Shivers.PS – how is your mom? Thinking of you all….


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