I said what I said (or I can’t think of a title)

I’m always a day late and a euro short.  Have you ever felt like that? It’s completely odd that once again I don’t feel like doing Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop.  Simply bizarre-o. Two weeks in a row. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. She has good topics but I can’t feel any of them or something.
Maybe I’m reading too much this week. Yes, by the time this posts I will have finished all four of those books. I’ve got a mondo huge list of other books waiting in the wings.  The next on the To Tackle list is Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov.  I know a Russian novel. You want to run out and pick it up just for kicks don’t ya? But I am really reading it starting this weekend and plan to have a weekly discussion starting a week from Monday about it over here. If your up for it please join in. I’ll be dissecting the first five chapters. Probably by myself but hey that’s okay
I got the greatest gift yesterday from kids and Hubby. Season Two of Numb3rs. Ah, heaven. Fitting since I turned this number #@. Seriously thought I’d say how old I am now didn’t you? You my friends are easily fooled. 
I always say no gifts but no one ever listens to me. I thought I was just getting tickets to see Harry Potter 6 in July (as planned). Hubby also graciously offered to get me drunk. However I think that was more for his benefit than mine. Though a Warsteiner would have been nice. Quite nice actually. Very difficult for him to do since he wasn’t home last night though. {For the sake of his reputation he did ask if I wanted him to cancel cycling with his weekly racing group last night. However the Berlin race is in less than a month. I would have felt sooo guilty saying yes please don’t leave me here alone! After all there are gunshots to be heard.}
This has turned into a Random Tuesday post on a Thursday. Hmm, wonder if I should link up at Keely’s? She invented Random she’d understand. 
Tuesday we went to this place in Altenahr for lunch and I had schnitzel with a brown mushroom cream type of sauce. I resisted the fries. No worries though I brought you a picture. 
(I considered making that the large size of the picture but that would have crossed the line.)

And for dinner I had Grown Up macaroni and cheese from that Italian Place by the River. Yeah, please don’t rat me out to HASAY for that one. At least there was NO cake involved in the event. Just Milka Caramel.
Stay tuned for next week where I am sure I will find something to talk about. Just like I always do.
And really what’s up with all my linkyness today? Weird.

14 thoughts on “I said what I said (or I can’t think of a title)

  1. I’d love to read the Russian novel and comment on it with you, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do it this time with a newborn soon here. So next time you read and discuss on The Literary Side please count me in!With a MIL coming and moving approaching I imagine your mind is on a lot of things! Good to write the random thoughts out!


  2. Great move on the run, I hope all goes well. I think some days we want to “tell” so much or have so many “oh the bloggers might like to hear bout that” that we keep writing. LOL


  3. So I’m a little slow on the uptake, but the Euro and Berlin references make me think you’re in Germany, which brings me to your plate.All I remember about my visit to Germany (when I was 16) as far as consumables go is:1. Beer2. KnödelWhen did Germans start serving fries with their meals instead of the nerfball?


  4. I think I might just have to read that Russian novel with you. I’m considering a vacation from blogging, and therefore might actually have the time to read it.Plus, if you’re name is Natasha aren’t you sort of *required* to read Russian novels?BTW, I’m pretty sure that we’re the same age. But I won’t reveal it here!


  5. well woman you always seem to be so busy and with the you know who coming and a move happening in the future Im sure your mind is scattered!!! Oh and the pic…looks so yummy…and I certainly wont tell that you cheated with some mac n cheese!!! Heck I would of cheated with some cake!!! or some of that YUMMY CHOCOLATE you sent me…omg girlfriend that was to die for…I have to find a way to get me some more!!!!!!! oh yeah and dont you love being #@ I was that age once..hehe


  6. How horrid am I that I forgot to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Seriously, it sounds like you had a lot of fun. Hey, I’m coming over to watch Numb3rs with you. LOVE THAT SHOW!Oh, and that lunch looks YUMMY! Maybe next time you send me something in the mail (look, I’m already looking forward to a next time) you could send me some of that, and that chocolate that was gone in less than 24 hours!


  7. I can’t join you for the Russian novel, I’ve already read it 3 times and I am so over it. LOL You know this isn’t true. BUT I very well MAY join you in giving in to the peer pressure and reading THOSE books. I liked your random ramblings on this Thursday. Made me feel not so alone. LOL


  8. Sounds like a great birthday!! Ad the food looks heavenly! We have an awesome little german place not far from us. The owners are always speaking German to one another. lol To die for food! They usually serve fried potatoes, no french fries.


  9. What you didn’t eat the FRIES –It is one of my favorite foods. WOW, such will power. and you just had a birthday –HAPPY HAPPY to ya. hubby wanted to get your drunk—sooooo funny.


  10. Kim – Next time. I am hoping to maybe do this on a regular basis over there.Kyooty – I was certainly feeling random. I decided to let it all out. I'm sure it'll happen again, lol.Scifi- Beer will definitely be something I will miss here. Fries are everywhere but you can find your nice ball of potatoes just about everywhere too.Natasha – Yes you should! I think I'm a year older than you (now anyway).Robin – The food is actually quite good (thou heavy on meat and potatoes and fried things). Gulasch soup and currywurst have become favorites.Casey – At least I'm not &(@$ age you know?Dena – I can always pack up a case or two of chocolate and sneak it stateside. Wouldn't be the first time…Young – I don't know what it is about that show but I can never watch it enough. Maybe it's because CHarlie talks about stuff my brain can not grasp and I keep trying. Or he's just really good looking…Teri – I've just never been a big fry person. Now Fridays seasoned fries, thats a different story.Kacey – Do it. They are a fun light read and face it. If I had an Edward to talk to me like that, I'd sign up to be a vampire too!Missty – I love fried potatoes. Especially the ones with the bits of onion and pork…Dadshouse – Just make believe, mmm, schnitzel!Wendy – Can you guess his offer had ulterior motives?


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