It’s all in the details

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a weekend.  In case you don’t know the news (and how could you not?  I mean I can scream kinda loud when the mood strikes). If you missed it then just go here to THE NEWS POST and see what I’m talking about.  Go ahead.  You really will be lost if you don’t.
Got it?
Okay good.
So, that means a lot has to happen and has happened around here. Saturday we rented out our house here to a British family for our landlord before we even told her we were moving.  She was so grateful (the family signed the lease hours after stopping by) she let us give two months notice instead of the required three.  Thereby saving us double rent for the month of August.  I love when things just work out so nicely.
Our moving coordinator is the same person who helped us during our moving here.  Awesome. She’s very nice and has it together and knows everyone so this process will be quick, easy and relatively painless.  Hopefully end of this week or next the moving company will be coming by to check out what they will be moving.  Packing and removal dates are July 1 & 2.  Even better.
Despite my claims in my news post, I’m again vetoing the minivan.  After careful study and actually looking at one, I couldn’t force myself to accept that life.  I believe a more accurate description would be something along the lines of clinging to the door handle of a station wagon in absolute fear of crossing to the dark side.  I can manage the station wagon persona, I used to drive one when we first moved here and I am still alive.
We have several leads on some very nice houses to rent in the Philly burbs.  MIL (who left today) is going to go and check them out for our double peace of mind.  The agent we are working with is extremely helpful which has been a definite plus.  
I’ve had questions as to why the kids and I moving and Hubby is not.  That is complicated.  But the brief details are that it is in the kids best interests to leave now rather than waiting five months.  Since he can’t leave his job until his contract is fulfilled it’s going to be difficult yes but not the first time we’ve done something like this.  Though this is certainly the longest amount of time.  In the end it’s what’s best for the kids so that’s what we are doing.
I’ve had questions about my mom.  She’s doing good.  She starts week three I believe of radiation treatments this week finishing in the second week of July.  So far she is tolerating everything very well and life is pretty much normal.  Thank you all for asking.
It is Monday and so I will give avery short update for HASAY.  Basically I walked a ton this week doing sightseeing stuff.  Healthy food intake: Im simply taking the fifth on that one 🙂
Today is a holiday here so I’m off to do laundry and all sorts of other fun holidayish things. Have a great Monday.

15 thoughts on “It’s all in the details

  1. I didn’t want to say anything about the separation because I didn’t know the backstory, but I could never do what your husband is doing. Call it selfish or whatever, but I couldn’t let my kids be on another continent for that long.Hell, when I did two weeks in the US back when my daughter was 10 months old I nearly lost my mind.


  2. I’m impressed… I can imagine it’s going to be a tough few months but I know you’re gonna do great. (And I can hear how excited you are in these few posts.)Dying to know where you end up… I know the area a little. 🙂


  3. 5 months will be a drop in the hat. Be good to yourself. Find someone, anyone who will help with the Chick when she is not letting you sleep. Who knows? Maybe she will sleep much better being back in the USA.Glad to hear your mom is progressing.


  4. I love my van. And I do always giggle out here in the burbs when you are “strange” if you don’t have one :-)With your husband’s job…does he have another contract lined up for when the one in Germany is done?


  5. you are fancy folks to have a moving coordinator! will she help you pack the contents of your teeny weeny fridge? speaking of fridge – how do you feel about returning to american sized refrigerators?


  6. Great news all around, and I can understand it would be better for the kids and that’s where we do the best and most. AWESOME work on the walking! Go you!!!


  7. SciFi – We manage (it’s not the first time but the longest for sure). Not to go into details but it’s best for our kids to be in the US so that’s what we are doing. He suggested it and after a lot of thought it’s the right choice.Robin – We will likely be in the burbs about 30 mins due North. Lansdale/Lahaska area.Sassy – That was the plan. My son does not like change so moving mid-school year was out.Simple – My dh’s family is all within an hour (and two aunts within 15 mins of our proposed new place) so lots of help at hand. I am praying she sleeps better!Kat – I am hoping to no ‘fit in’ actually. :)No job. That’s the unbelievable frightening part. The company no longer exists really to any degree in the US.Maggie – Yep, mom seems pretty good. And thrilled her grandchild (and hopefully me too) will only be a five hour plane ride instead of 12!Crazy – I know it was a close thing. But I gripped the sanity edge and fought back the mini-van vortex ;)Bex – Trust me when moving internationally you need someone else to manage it all. From the ground shipment containing all the furniture and possessions (by truck, rail and then boat) to air shipment of basics to notify the government that we are turning our visas. It’s quite complicated! Side-by-side Fridge with ice and water dispenser no better words were ever uttered 🙂 Well, except Want to go to Costco?Kyooty – Yep, kids first. I hope they remember that why they try my patience.


  8. Its going to be tough no doubt but I think you’ve been thru and survived alot of things in life…and you will this too!!!! And that 5 months will fly by you wait and see!!! Glad that mom is doing ok…will still keep her in my prayers


  9. Can you really plead the fifth from a different country? I think not. Yay for saving a month's rent, yay for having the movers/packers lined up and YAY for moving back to the US. Minivans are HUGE. I'm not ready to go there yet either, my car is a “crossover”. That's what I'm sticking with, even though people say it looks like a mini-minivan.


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