Back to Monday

The week begins again.  It’s Monday!  We still haven’t found a place to live but we are taking a few days off while behind the scenes stuff gets settled and then we can better pinpoint specifically where we need to live.  I’m grateful for a break.  I’m in major reading and music mode these days as a distraction.  Here are some of my favorite tunes being obsessively repeated on the ipod:

I’m posting over at The Real World today talking about privacy so please stop over and give me your opinion.  We are also looking for topic ideas from readers.  What relationship topic would you like to see discussed?  Leave it in the comments here or there or I will be getting a post up this week over there asking for your ideas so you can swing by then.
I’ll have lots of random for you tomorrow.  Because random is good.
And thanks to SciFiDad for pointing out that my link to my own blog was wrong.  Yep, it’s Monday!

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