Random Tuesday: The More Random The Better

My most favorite day of the week has arrived once again.  Random Tuesday.  And we all know that means it’s Keely worship day.  

Let’s get right to it:
If the weather were nice I would be a bike widow.  (No, not a black widow, bike widow.) My husband got a new Trek carbon fiber fancy racing bike on Saturday. I do actually have to say the thing is impressive, it only weighs 7 kilos or something insane like that.  And it’s a very nice shade of yellow.
I love having the windows open.  Even though there are no screens on the windows here and all the tiny white pollen stuff gets in the house the fresh air is so nice.  Cold but nice.
My Hubby called me last night just before 7 because he’d forgotten he had a farewell dinner for someone at work last night until 7 when it started and everyone was leaving to go to it.  Since I’d made breakfast for dinner I had also made a full pot of coffee.  Guess who’s still on a caffeine high??
I’m going to {try} not to moan or stress about moving on here anymore.  I’m tired of listening to myself so I can’t imagine how all of you must feel.
My sister is so great.  She started doing Random Tuesdays too.  I think that’s so cool.  I really wish I could go visit her and we could have a day sans any kids to just hang out and be weird together.
My son is fascinated with the periodic table.  He studies it with so much concentration.  I printed it out and we are glueing the little squares onto index cards.  He’s seven.  I am fairly sure he’s going to be a chemist or a doctor or something.  Either that or he’s plotting some very serious science experiments I really don’t want to know about.
Since my Hubby wasn’t home last night I got to watch a chick flick.  That was very nice.  Not that he minds watching them so much but when he’s not here I can go very chicky and cry if I feel like it without being embarrassed.
This is for Robin who wanted to have her very own little mp3 wdget.  I made mine at mixpod.com
I haven’t worked on my manuscript in over a week.  Ugh, if I let myself slack I am never going to get finished. Must. Make. Self. Work.
Moving Company 1 came today to give an estimate for the moving costs.  I think they were fairly shocked that stuff in the four stories of the house isn’t actually all that we own.  We also have a shipping container of furniture and other things in storage in Baltimore.  I see a yard sale in our future.  A big one.
Theresa at An Officer and a Garbage Can gave me a cool award.  She’s so sweet 🙂  I have to list 7 things I like I believe it was (whew an easy one!) 

My seven things are:
1. sunshine
2. the lake
3. books!
4. New York City (I’m with you there Theresa and the jazz!)
5. Mickey Mouse
6. driving fast (hehe)
7. writing
Okay, that’s it for this week.  Go forth and be Random. Head over to Keely’s to see who else is playing along today.

19 thoughts on “Random Tuesday: The More Random The Better

  1. My sister lives across the country from me, and I really wish we could hang out together! We need to be neighbors. But that's just not going to happen!I love airing the house out, too. What is your sister's blog address? Maybe I missed that somewhere.


  2. The periodic table thing is kind of scary. I'd keep an eye on that. Cherish any relations you have with your sister. I don't speak to my sister and my brother is currently being an ass.


  3. That sounds great being able to leave your windows open and having cool air come in. I'd try it but there would be mosquitoes, a burglar or two and a swarm of hot, humid air coming in. I don't have a sister but I have a few friends that I love just hanging out with. Unfortunately, we don't get to do that anymore since having kids means we have to take them with and then it turns into a screamfest.


  4. Weird? Who are you calling weird? lol Yes! Getting together without the little darlings would be so fun! Yard sale? I'll come shopping at yours! I know I could find some lovely things at yours. 🙂


  5. I like your randomness.I like your sister too!Breakfast for dinner is yum, but my kids refuse it.I like hearing about your panic and freaking out about moving, it makes me feel better. ;)Random!


  6. We do not ever ever ever mind you talking about your move, it's what's going on in your life we (stop looking at me other commenters!) are glad to be here. :)I'm not sure if the US will allow this but when we left the US to come to Canada a tricky phrase came in very handy “To follow” and the you go buy the stuff that is cheaper there to bring home 🙂 with your hubbie when he comes home :).


  7. Hi, visiting from Keely's today. I must know what chick flick you watched…I need to know if it's something I need to see when I have a widow night coming up!Have a great day!


  8. Your son sounds like my daughter. She used to wake me up in the morning so that I could make up math problems for her to do. Or her in the car entertainment was for me to make up word problems. She liked mine because they would be about people she knew.


  9. Best kind of yard sale, especially if you want to get rid of stuff before a move: Put it all out in your yard. Don't mark anything. Sell EVERYTHING for 25 cents each. Watch your stuff disappear as others haul off all your crap. :)Sounds like your son needs a chemistry set for his birthday. 🙂


  10. Hey we had Breakfast for dinner as well! Yum! Funny about your son. Smart boy! And I love to hear about your freaking out at moving. lol Its an adventure! And it will all work out!


  11. Ginny – Her blog is private.Missy – We didn't really like each other until we were older. Now we email a lot since we only see each other maybe once a year at most.Casey – Burglars, lol! I think I'd keep the windows closed in that case.Robin – You're welcome. And isn't his voice amazing? I wish he had an album.Valerie – Maybe we could do a yard swap instead. I could pretend I made all those crafty things you do.Crazy – Your kids don't like breakfast for dinner? My kids love it.Kyooty – Stuff isn't cheaper here by a long shot. But I have a feeling there will be a few suitcases of chocolates, just a guess of course.Trudy – No making fun but Twilight was what I watched. Maybe I liked it so much because I loved the books but if you watch it a few times it's a pretty good movie ;)Kat – He loves math too. I'll have to find out what word problems you make up.GreenJello – Chemistry set, umm, no ;)MamaNut – At least I'm not alone in the crazy.Cameron – Yes, no ac here at all. The majority of the country doesn't have it here, not even stores.Lisa – I like going to ihop or Bob Evans for dinner. A good omelet with hash browns, mmmmm!Bex – Yes, seven. He has a thing for all things concerning science, math, geography. Missty – Freaking out? Yeah, I can do that!Keely – I speak the truth.Sara – See you beat me, I have no idea what it's called I just know how much it cost (gulp).


  12. Actually, it might be a good idea for you to continue sharing your moving info on the blog and how you feel about it. It could help someone in a similar situation in the future.


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