A whole lot of nothing

Today is a whole lot of nothing.  Crazy Coxes said she likes daily blog posts and I hated to disappoint since I just got her on the Random Tuesday bandwagon 🙂  So today’s post is about nothing just for her.
Boo nearly threw up at breakfast so I kept him home today.  He’s probably fine (and that reminds me I forgot to call school, nuts!) and it’s such a bad day for him to be here.  Moving company 2 is expected at any moment for their evaluation of the cost.  I don’t care really as I’m not the one paying for it (the perks of company relocation!).
And I just realized, again, it’s Wednesday, Sign Language Wednesday.  I didn’t prepare anything again this week.  So maybe my SLW is a blank screen with the word nothing.
Can we have Random Tuesday everyday of the week?  Cause this is going to be all random again.
Rob Pattinson, the guy who plays Edward in Twilight?  Have you heard him sing?  A voice like you would not believe.  Apparently he’s extremely gifted musically, piano, guitar and whatnot. He’s also British and 23.  You would not guess from the depth of his voice that he’s so young though.
I’m slightly annoyed with this blogover.  The lady I gave a deposit to won’t get back to me and that’s starting to really irritate me.  She was excellent with communication during our other two transactions and now nothing.  I really don’t like that.  I’ll probably just end of doing whatever myself or leaving it the way it is.
I’m trying to go through my list of What I Want To Do Before Leaving Germany and there’s really not much on it.  The only place left I’d like to go I can’t take kids to (I would like to go to the site of a concentration camp).  The other place would be one more visit to a beirgarten but it would have to stop raining long enough to be outside for that.
I told my mom I’d call her last week.  I still didn’t get around to that yet.  It’s difficult because the earliest I can call is 5 pm here which makes it 8 am there and that’s dinnertime here and then baths for the kids and bedtime and by that point I too tired to remember to call.  I wake up in the morning going, darn, forgot to call mom.
Okay, it’s Wednesday not Tuesday so I’m done being random (here at least).
Today over at Venus vs Mars we are looking for topic suggestions so please swing by and let us have it! {And yes, I linked correctly today!}

10 thoughts on “A whole lot of nothing

  1. I should probably call my mom too, thanks for the reminder. We don't have time change problems getting in the way, just blog addiction problems. I didn't post today AT ALL. I feel the pressure to post every day too but I was just too tired last night so I didn't and now it feels weird. 🙂 Hope Boo feels better..


  2. Hi Andrea! I love 'Twilight' too..I thought it was fabulous, the book and the movie. You are right too, he has a lovely voice!I love your moving day countdown bar!Have a great day!


  3. OK time to call my mom too, she called Friday before heading ot the cottage, I should find out how that went. The cottage has rabbits, squirrels, and deer or many. I'll have to see how her wildlife vs mine compares. hehee it's all about the competition. We'll read anything 🙂


  4. my mom lives a mere 1000 miles away from me and yet, i still manage to pester her a couple times a day. you should hear the panic in her voice when she calls if i got busy and didn't call her for 2 or 3 three days!


  5. I should just change my blog to be all random all the time. Wait. I think it might be already. I want a blog make over too. All my colors are giving me a headache. I want simple. Clean. And uncluttered. But…I really can't justify the expense right now.


  6. I LOVE you!!!! You don't REALLY have to post every day. I just don't want people to get upset and think I'm stalking them when I click on their blog 15 times each day to see IF they posted. You wouldn't think I am stalking you would you????Boo really should have gone to school! 😉 Vomit is no reason to keep someone home. You should have sent him with a little brown lunch bag or dixie cup “for emergency.”Also, you SHOULD go to a concentration camp. Really. It will be worth the effort and probably life changing.


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