Mmm Music

I should be doing a lot of other stuff (like being at my kids sports day event, figures the one day it’s nice out had to be today and I am in no mind to go watch little kids run around like maniacs with sticks) but I’m here reading blogs, catching up on comments and searching for music.  I love music, I don’t know how I ever survived without my iPod.  Four years ago I told my Hubby no way do I want one of those things.  Naturally he’s smarter than me and didn’t listen and bought me one anyway.
Love that man.
Love my iPod too.  I listen in the house, in the car, at bedtime.  Music is the background to pretty much my entire day.  I read while listening to music, do dishes while listening to music, write while listening to music.  You get the idea.  I’m curious what you are listening to because I am always searching for new music.  Since I won’t have my desktop for about 6 weeks (that has my entire iTunes library) I want to find some new music in the next few weeks to tide me over until our household stuff comes.
So what are you listening to I ask?
I like pretty much anything except rap, heavy metal and twangy country (okay so most country I could really do without).  It’s been three and a half years since I’ve heard anything on the radio other than very bad 80’s music (which is so popular here) so any new stuff I have barely scratched the surface of finding other than stalking blogs that play music.
What’s your favorite group?  Best album overall?  I want your suggestions please!

12 thoughts on “Mmm Music

  1. This is kinda hard for me, as I like all types of music. If we're talking not rap, heavy metal or country… I really like Jason Mraz, Sharkira, Santana, Joss Stone, Lily Allen. Those are some of the favorites I have on my mp3 player right now. Well the ones who don't fit into rap, hard rock and country.


  2. I love music too but I love silence more. I only listen to music in the car.I don't have any favorite albums, but here are my top favorite singles today _ they change frequently!Sugar – Flo RidaDay N Night – Kid CudiKiss Me thru the Phone – Soulja Boy


  3. I feel the same way about my iPod. I write stories and blogs on it.Ok, here's 10 random songs chosen by clicking next on iTunes.1. Baby Ran – 54-402. Overkill – Colin Hay3. Misguided Angel – Cowboy Junkies4. Blindsided – Bon Iver5. Detroit '67 – Sam Roberts6. Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher – Jackie Wilson7. Hometown Glory – Adele8. Still Crazy After All These Years – Paul Simon9. Take On Me – Sara Bareilles10. Weighty Ghost – Wintersleep


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