My First TGIF!

Today I am participating in a new event TGIF’s.  Kim has taken a great concept and made into a weekly event.  I hope you’ll stop by her site and have a look!

Purpose: Every Friday we’ll allow ourselves the freedom to imagine the “What ifs…” that try to rule our world during the week that is full of highs and lows as parents, writers, workers, children, siblings, spouses, and individuals.

How it Works: Below is a set of “What If” statements. Choose one or more of them to answer on your blog Friday. Then leave your blog URL in Mister Linky on my blog on Friday, so everyone can link to your blog and read what you wrote!

Thank Goodness IFs:
(1) If I could have been a fly on a wall this week…I would have loved to hear my son telling his assistant teacher he was NOT being rude.  Incidentally today when he and his dad go talk to Mr C he’s wearing a shirt that says “You Talking To Me?”  Maybe I’d rather be a fly on that wall instead…

(2) If I had to revisit my least favorite childhood place…Dr Morgan’s dentist office.  There was a person whom I severely disliked.

(3) If I was asked to nominate a blogger for an award, the award would be for…(I can’t think of an answer for this one).

(4) If I could travel anywhere in the world to get one item…it would be to Tokyo for some gyoza appetizers.

(5) If I could interview one famous person…Chevy Chase because he is so funny and I grew up watching his movies.
Head over to Zook Book Nook and add your TGIF’s!  I’m off to Berlin look for lots of pictures on Monday.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.

7 thoughts on “My First TGIF!

  1. Oh I love the T-shirt! Somehow my toddler seems to take on the 'trait' of a T-shirt's phrase when she wears it, eventhough she doesn't necessarily understand it's meaning. Our favorite on her “Who's the Boss?” and when I was a little girl, my parents' favorite T on me said “Here comes trouble,” and boy was that correct about me.Thanks for participating today!!


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