Berlin Weekend

buildings around Potsdamer Platz

It was a great weekend in Berlin.  The weather was actually quite warm and other than a few scattered showers it was sunny all weekend (or as sunny as Germany is anyway).  We were in town for the cycling race – Berlin Velothon.  It started at 8 am on Sunday and the kids and I staked out a good spot to watch Hubby.  He was up in the first block of racers.  We stayed at the Marriot at Potsdamer Platz and the location was beyond perfect.  The walk to the train and Ubahn is minutes away along with the race passing right by the backside of the hotel.  There was also a Vapiano’s restaurant (with lots of outdoor seating) on the corner and a Starbucks and a Haagen Dazs right on the same block.  Kind of all of my favorite things in one place.  🙂
on the train
Chick being, well, Chick
view of the lobby from the 8th floor
Of course we also did some sightseeing before the big race. We went over to the last standing section of the Berlin Wall that I had not seen before having only seen the smaller sections in Potsdamer Platz that had been removed from the original site. Behind the wall they are in the process of building a tourist center but you can walk along and read all about the Wall on large boards.


Checkpoint Charlie was underwhelming as the actual checkpoint is a little hut in the middle of the road. But the museum is incredible. With the kids we did not tour it because of the graphic nature of the photos but during our last visit to Berlin Hubby and my dad went through it. Hubby took us over to the checkpoint though because I had not been there.

The actual original sign at Checkpoint Charlie

My camera battery then chose to give out so the rest of the pictures are not quite as good as they were taken with another camera. The rest of the pictures are from the race itself as they wound through the city during the 60 km race. Hubby officially finished 6th in his class and 18th overall.






Berlin is always such a wonderful place to visit and given the choice of moving home or moving to Berlin I do have to say it would be a tough call. I like the flavor of the city and the friendliness of the people. I suppose because they get so many tourists (I heard so much english this weekend!) it seemed less German to me and more multicultural.

Where would you go if you had a weekend to do something fun? Where have you always wanted to go?

I’m also yakking over at Venus vs Mars today so please stop by.

Oh and yeah, can I win the crappy daughter award? Yesterday was Father’s Day. I forgot to call my dad. To be fair though, they do not celebrate Father’s Day here in Germany. Well, they celebrate it in May but it’s more a ‘dads get drunk day’ than anything else. So dad if you should ever find yourself at my blog, Happy Father’s Day.

17 thoughts on “Berlin Weekend

  1. That grey sky is Germany to me. But in Munich this week, it was all sunny and blue… Glad you enjoyed Berlin and congrats to the husband.I'm sorry that you will miss our mini-meetup by only 3 days.


  2. The Berlin Wall looks kind of sad with all the construction around. :(Great shots, I love the action shots of the race! Also, I live 45 min from my parents but didn't get over there yesterday because my SIL is in town so I'm equally as bad.


  3. Nice pictures.I love Berlin, my girlfriend is from there and resents every day she spends somewhere else.Don't know how you find the energy to photograph, travel, and blog so close to moving day!


  4. The Berlin Wall and Checkpoint just kind of stopped me in my tracks. Powerful.I learn so much and get such a wonderful taste of Europe through your travels and photos. Thank you!


  5. There are so many places I want to go I can't even name them all. It looks like you had a great trip! And I'm still impressed your hubby did so well on the race.


  6. That grey sky is Germany to me. But in Munich this week, it was all sunny and blue… Glad you enjoyed Berlin and congrats to the husband.I'm sorry that you will miss our mini-meetup by only 3 days.


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