Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’m going to live in a box

It’s time for Random Tuesday Thoughts with Keely at The Un-Mom.  If you’re not in on the party you are simply missing out.  Write your random and link up!
Several of you in the last few weeks started playing along with RTT and mentioned I’d converted you to the ways of Random.  Hehe, cool.  Keely is of course the inventor of the Random madness but if I get on her good side before the zombie’s take over even better.
Yeah you go ahead and tell her NO.  See how far you get.
Last Thursday night Chick slept all the way from 9 pm till 4:30 am.  So naturally I couldn’t fall asleep until 3:30 am.
I’m checking out all the music suggestions from last weeks post.  Thank you to all who left me some of their favorites.
even blurred he’s cute

just random pictures

Between the Air France plane disappearance/crash and the pilot of the flight from Brussels to Newark that died while flying over the ocean I am not so sure getting on a plane next week is a good idea.

I’m grateful I don’t actually have to pack anything since the company hired movers for us but it leaves me at loose ends. It’s hard to think next week we are moving and not a single thing is in a box. I feel like I want to pack something but I know they will just unpack it and repack it their way if I do.

There are three magazines that have been sitting on my desk for the last month I haven’t even bothered to open yet. Maybe next month.

Once again Boo’s school mystifies me. The last day of school is Thursday (half day) but tomorrow they are going to the outdoor market to learn about where food comes from for their Unit of Inquiry. Does that seem weird to anyone but me to have a field trip the day before the last day of school?? Public school next year is going to be so awesome.

I’ve decided that as soon as I leave the airport next week I’m stopping at a Wawa. I’m buying a Dr Pepper. I may even take out cash from the closest drive up atm. JUST BECAUSE I CAN.


If we manage to find a house in the area we like there is a BJ’s, Target, Starbucks, Kohls and a mall within ten minutes. Hubby has already promised to take away all my atm/credit cards beforehand. He’s just no fun at all.

My favorite color is yellow (in case you wanted know).

Which is harder buying a house or renting one? I’ve done the first three times over and let me say it’s the second that’s going to kill me. At this point a nice large cardboard box will do just fine, after all it is summer.

Six weeks before we moved to Germany – January 2006:

Six weeks before we go back to America -May 2009:

What is UP with blogger’s font today? All of my sentences are different sizes. WTF blogger? (again for clarification that’s ‘where’s the fire?’)

What about you? What’s Random in your mind today? Head over to Keely’s after you leave me a comment and see who else is feeling the Random love today.

25 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’m going to live in a box

  1. You gave your blog a face lift apparently! I like it:)So you're leaving next week..(for good??) Aww I'm glad for you!! And Target, Starbucks and Kohls.. all in one place..seem like a neighborhood made in heaven to me:) Hope you guys find the perfect place for you and your family!Oh and your kids are so cute!And my favorite color is lavender 🙂 nice to meet you yellow!Happy Randomness!


  2. Wow 🙂 there's a lot of randomness going on right now for you, but I do see a connection: you're moving!!! Yay! Hard to believe it's almost just a week away.Renting vs. buying… as a military family we've done both depending on how long we'll be stationed in an area. We definitely prefer owning a home over renting one, but renting gives us the freedom of moving away without the decision of selling or renting it out. Great photos! It's fun to see the adventures you and your family go on 🙂 I'm taking my toddler and newborn to Target and Barnes and Noble today (our big adventure), so I'll be thinking of you because soon you'll be able to do the same!


  3. You're coming home in a week! I can imagine that as excited as you likely are that you must have some mixed emotions as well. What an experience you've had. I have also rented and purchased and yes, renting loses on the joyfulness scale.


  4. Doing a little bit of math, does this mean that you've been without Dr. Pepper for THREE YEARS?!?I cannot even imagine such a fate. I'd be all, “What? You want me to move to a place where they don't sell Dr. Pepper? Fine, except revamp my contract that I get a 24 pack with my paycheque every two weeks.”


  5. The next 8 days are going to fly by! I know what you mean about having 'professional' movers packing your stuff – be sure to toss now what you don't want to keep, because they'll pack everything… I had a box of garbage to unpack when I was relocated by a company once… ;)Princess Nagger's school mystified me, too – the ONE 'real' field trip they had all year (aside from their random 'field trips' to another local elementary school for assemblies…which in my mind don't count as an actual field trip…) was planned 3 days before the end of school…of course it ended up being canceled and rescheduled for the LAST day of school…you'd think they'd want those fun and educational trips to be earlier in the year rather than the last hurrah. :)Happy RTT!


  6. I went to The Wawa when I was visiting my sister in New Jersey. I thought it was the funniest name for a store until I went to The Piggly Wiggly.(In Chicago, we put “the” in front of our grocery store names. We don't go to “Jewel”, we go to “The Jewel.” You can tell a movie is made by a real Chicagoan when they say “The Jewel” like the aunt said in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”)This comment sounds more appropriate for my own RTT! Good luck with the BIG MOVE!


  7. I always like your Random Tuesdays because……….they are random. I'm a Random Tuesday convert but I can't play this week….just can't.I've never tried to rent a house. I've moved 12 times though. Somehow, I've always thought that renting would be easier because you don't have as much financial paperwork, but I could be totally wrong. In fact, I think I am! 🙂


  8. Ugh. That would totally drive me crazy not being able to pack. The WaWa. lol I totally forgot about those. We thought those were so funny the first time we saw one.


  9. I don't know if I mentioned it before because I can't keep track ofmy random thoughts – but I love the new header. Good luck on the house hunt. I think renting is harder because I want to CHANGE things as soona s I move in – renting limits that. But those Converse pictures will look great in any house – bought or rented. Ha! Ha! Just kidding…kinda. LOL everyone is screaming….gotta run.


  10. Love your thoughts today. And decided to play along!! First time. But have wanted to for a very long time. Good luck with the house hunting. And you can move here – I have a 2 Targets, probably 5 Starbucks, and 2 Kohls within 10 miles. And Malls, I have malls!


  11. Your pictures are great. Your post is good. Your kids are adorable. Those cookies look amazing. But what got me, the second your page opened, was the clothes line. That picture took me way back to when I was a kid in Cuba and I would be “responsible” for helping my mom due laundry by hanging passing her the pinchy thingies when it was time to dry the clothes. Hmm nice times. Happy RTT!I played too!


  12. Awesome randomness. Yellow is my favorite color too. Here we have a Starbucks INSIDE Target. It's terrible! (Actually it's great because I can get the girls a chocolate milk and zip through the store by the time they're done!)Happy RTT!


  13. Good luck with the move! And, thank GOD you have movers. We don't have Target in Canada, and it's probably a good thing since I found it the last time I was in the States and it's pretty much the best store ever.


  14. I'm sure there are so many little luxuries that you're going to overdose on once you get back to the states. Here's to a smooth move and time to blog about it when you get here. Yay!


  15. I love the new header! I want a redo on mine, too…I just don't want to pay for one. And have no skills to do it on my own.Randomness? We had dinner with friends tonight. And I discovered that my friend's husband and I went to the same high school. Graduated the same year. Went to the same church. And yet. We never knew each other. Even stranger…there were less than 400 in my graduating class. Now, how does that happen?


  16. Yay, coming home! You'll have to listen to the Scorpions 'Coming Home' which is kind of ironic cause they're German, but for you its coming to America. Anyhoo… I'll be sending good positive vibes for a safe journey for you and the fam!


  17. I'm sure there are so many little luxuries that you're going to overdose on once you get back to the states. Here's to a smooth move and time to blog about it when you get here. Yay!


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