I woke up and it went to hell

Last night in a misguided euphoric state I celebrated that we’d finally signed a lease on a house in Pennsylvania.  It felt good to know some of the worries (okay most of them) had disappeared in that moment.
And then I woke up.
Overnight this is what happened:
It seems while WE signed the lease the people with the house to lease decided at the last second not to sign it.  They in fact decided not to move at all.
I don’t think there are two more unlucky people than me and Hubby when it comes to this. Karmic retribution?  I made someone in the real estate lottery angry?  I don’t know.  But this being what my sixth or seventh attempt to secure a specific residence I am starting to think there are forces working against me.
It’s not that we would be entirely homeless.  My mother in law has offered (and we will be staying there for a short time) her house to us while we find a place.  But this adds other concerns.  
*I’ll have a rental car for one month (as allowed by our relocation package) but I’ll need to buy something pretty much as soon as Hubby arrives on the 13th.  He’s only staying two weeks. Once I buy a car I have to register it.  My MIL lives in NJ we want to live in PA.  I don’t want to register a car (and pay the sales tax) in the wrong state.  Since I need a PA license to register a car in PA and they say I need a utility bill and a copy of a lease to get one… You can see where this is getting complicated.  Hubby will also have to sign for the car seeing as he’s the one bringing home the bacon.
*I need to register Boo for school.  Any school.  Preferably the one he would actually end up going to.
*I need to find a speech therapist for Chick and a pediatrician for them both.
So we start all over, once again and broaden our search and at this point I don’t care what the place looks like, how many rooms it has or if it makes me Happy Go Lucky.  I just want a place to live.  
If you’ve got a three bedroom anything I can rent you let me know.
8 days and counting down….

23 thoughts on “I woke up and it went to hell

  1. We have rentals. Right now we have a 3 bedroom house w/ garage…. Which part of PA are you looking into? My rental is near binghamton NY, and it's an hour from PA…. ALSO —- I love your blog. I'm starting out blogging and yours is one I love to read. Thanks!! & good luck on the move. I personally understand how stressful moves are. I'm only 26 and have yet to live in one place longer than 1 year.


  2. Unpredictable: Thanks. We are trying to be in West Chester right about 30 mins outside Philadelphia.Thanks for the offer though! And for the nice complement on my blog 🙂 I know I know your blogger picture and I swear I know your blog but you don't have a profile attached to your name. What's your blog address?


  3. Ugh, this is terrible. My husband's family is in Scranton/Wilkes Barre or I'd offer to have them look. Good luck finding something closer, sorry the one you thought you had fell through.


  4. So sorry to hear that. I really hope you get something soon. I am on the other end…I cant sell my house. Its been up since Jan and we have not really had any luck.


  5. I am so sorry that your rental fell through. I would think that in this sucky economy, it would be easy to find a rental house. Especially as people need to move, but can't sell. I have a friend who has family in West Chester…I'll send her an email and ask!


  6. Whew! While I am sorry to hear that you deal fell through, I'm relieved to hear that you'll only be on the dark side of the border temporarily.PAers should never live in Joisey.:)


  7. Jill, SciFi, Casey, Natasha et al – I'm going to my happy place, I'm going to my happy place. It's easier than screaming, quieter too. And there may be chocolate involved so HASAY look away now.


  8. Sorry to hear about the bozos who reneged on the house. That stinks! I don't envy you. It's hard enough to move, but across the world puts moving into a whole other category.I wish you the best. And a safe return to the states. Good Luck!


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