Just Another Friday

And into the weekend we go.  Final weekend in Germany. Finally.  Plans: Today is first day of summer vacation for Boo so of course he’s got a birthday party (for which I still need to go and buy a gift).  Tomorrow we are hopefully having a sitter so Hubby and I can have dinner with the friend with whom he’ll be shacking up with for the next five months*.  She’s a lovely friend. Sunday we hopefully haven’t had too much wine over at Roses (the best restaurant in Bonn) and we are able to drag ourselves and the kids to the Boy Scouts Crossover Ceremony BBQ thing in the afternoon.  

Oh and preparing the house for the movers on Wed/Thurs and packing up all the stuff that’s going into the suitcases and doing 10,956 loads of laundry and cleaning out the cars (which is a conversation for another day.  Let’s just say trying to return two cars months before the leases are up, not so much fun).  

Yep, just another typical weekend.

Ipod says: {Kinda like survey says from Family Feud.  Does anyone remember that show?}

Brown Eyed Girl – Jimmy Buffett
Typical Situation – Dave Matthews Band
Il Bacio – Anthony De Pippa (well we are going for Italian food..)
Honestly Ok – Dido
Sunday Bloody Sunday – U2
Yellow – Coldplay
Dreams – The Cranberries

What’s in your diary for the weekend?
*this will be a post soon, the details of why my Hubby is shacking up with another woman
And once again blogger is messing with the font so my apologies.
I’m popping back in to remind you all it’s VGNO (Virtual Girls Night Out) over at Ann’s place! Be sure to stop over and meet some new and old friends. It’s the party place to be on Friday nights!

27 thoughts on “Just Another Friday

  1. If I'm repeating myself, forgive me, but try typing in the Edit HTML window instead of the Compose one. If you need to insert images or bold stuff, do that after you've typed it all in via HTML. That should eliminate the font issues.As for my weekend? We're all sick.


  2. Well, my husband's coming home for a day and half before leaving for the second leg of his business trip, so I'm hoping to get some baby-free time this weekend. We'll see. Good luck with the move!!


  3. Plans for the weekend include a combo b-day/father's day/b-day lunch with family. Then I promised the kids they would have my full attention for the rest of the weekend.


  4. The picture of your little girl is absolutely adorable! Are you coming back to the states from Germany? I bet you will be glad once the move is finally over. I chuckled at your laundry amount. I have MT WASHMORE in my basement piled high. I got behind. Sigh… Have a great weekend.


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