Whooga what?

It’s finally happened.  Someone wants to pay me for my brilliant little blog.  Well, that’s the way I’m telling myself it went down but that’s not exactly what happened.  

You see I was contacted by Sarah from Whoogaboots and she said I could offer all of you an awesome gift card coupon for being such wonderful readers.  I love Uggs and always secretly wanted a pair.  I am so buying some (wonder if I can use my OWN coupon code??  Would that be weird??)  They ship to every country and I definitely heart that!  I love those who ship internationally.

Hmm, what color?  They come in seven different colors and six styles and I could so see me in purple, or light brown, or dark brown or really even pink…

Here’s what you need to do to get your own pair.  Go to Whoogaboots 
{that’s www.whoogaboots.co.uk for the link challenged} and when after you fill your cart with the good stuff use this code BLOGGINGMA to take $30 off your purchase. How awesome is that?

I don’t need a house to live in when I’ve got these kicking boots!

13 thoughts on “Whooga what?

  1. YAY!! Actually our Babysitter was wearing a pair of the knitted looking ones this winter and I was > < this jealous. I love the look of those pink ones! It would be totally girly of me to buy pink in my sea of boys. hehe It would be a statement right?


  2. Wow! These are terrific. It's been years since I bought boots for myself, so I just did using your code! I got the chocolate brown color and I can't wait to receive them Thanks for the discount code!


  3. Oh, nice boots! Now I have Laurie Berkner's B.O.O.T.S. song in my head. I'm secretly jealous of all of those living in climates that might allow boots to be possible at any given time. It's hot here.


  4. I'm so glad we “met” before you got totally famous and all. Now that you're a confirmed super star I'm thinking you NEED the pink boots. And I do mean NEED them…now that I think about it, I need them too…Hmmmm….


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