Random Tuesday Thoughts: Bring on the boxes

It’s Tuesday.  It’s Random Tuesday.  It’s time for Random Tuesday Thoughts with The Un-Mom. The Queen Bee (not to be confused with the Steenky Bee), the Creator, the One and Only Keely. Be random and then link up or miss out on all the good stuff.
I can’t wait to make Alton Brown’s Macaroni and Cheese.  Thanks to The Blonde Duck for posting the recipe!  I’m sure my arteries will thank you as well.

I’m going to write this in different fonts.  Blogger seems to do this at random (haha) so today I feel like one upping them and doing it on purpose.

Tomorrow will bring movers and lots of boxes so this is my last shot at the good ole Mac before I box her up.  I’m glad one of my last posts here was a random one.

The other day in the height of intelligence I purchased some new music from iTunes. Once again forgetting that I was on my side of the computer instead of logged in as Hubby where we keep all the iTunes. I spent about two hours trying to figure out how to fix it and then said forget it {okay actually I said Scheiße but whatever} and just burned a cd and transferred it that way. Anyone else have that problem and know the solution? 

A blogger friend said last week that they were biting the bullet and taking their son to Disney.  I graciously offered to be their nanny.  And I wanted to extend that to all of you.  If you want to take your kids to Disney and need someone to ride the rides with them and stuff, then I’m your girl.  You don’t have to pay me just buy my ticket and food and stuff.  I’ll be sure to put on a very happy face for pictures at no extra charge.

I saw this and I simply could not resist. Yes, there is an Un-Mom Doll and she goes by the code name Super Keely:

TheKeelyDoll The Un Mom
Pretty good likeness huh?

Budget Budget Budget.  I need a good food budget and tips on keeping costs low.  Let me hear all your suggestions on cutting corners and saving money.  I could only dress one of the kids but that might get me some looks.

Speaking of dressing and looks (cause we were) not for the first time the neighbors two over let their son out on the slip n slide. Naked.  Birthday-suit-butt-naked.  Slip n Slide.  Naked 6-7 year old.  Can you say that’s very wrong?  I can.  I’d seen him in their little pool naked last year and heard about the slip n slide from Hubby but it was my first actual time seeing naked slip n slide.  Wrong.  That’s all I can say.  Simply.Wrong.

I have about 15 different types of lotion in my bathroom cabinet.  Why do I need so many when I don’t even like putting it on? I have no idea.  I hope the movers will pack them though.  It may take me a few months to get back to that quantity of lotion if they don’t.

Since I have to leave behind most of my books to be packed and shipped I’m going to ask: What are you reading?  I am fairly positive (about 156% certain) I will be wandering through a bookstore within days of moving so of course I’m going to have to buy a few books to keep myself occupied.  Please list any current or past good reads in the comments.

I always forget to eat breakfast.  I always remember coffee but about ten I’m saying to my stomach Oh. I never fed you.  It’s practically lunch might as well eat leftover pizza/pasta/whatever.  But I still buy cereal.  Huh.

I can’t wait to attack the fruit section of the grocery.  I have missed grapes and watermelon and berries and honeydew and all the rest.  You can get some of that here but it’s usually only for a few weeks and then it’s gone again.  I won’t miss the Random Fruit Offerings.  Same with veggies.  Try finding fresh broccoli about now or cauliflower anytime.  It won’t happen.

My email inbox has 3033 messages.  And that’s after I deleted the 157  comment emails from the weekends comment-a-thon over at Venus vs Mars.  Between Southern Sage, Kritta, Shelle and Crash we are lucky the internet didn’t crash (no pun intended).

Oh and did ya see?  Yesterday I offered everyone a coupon code for $30 off a pair of Whooga Uggs.  Go to this post for details.

Adding one more!  Hubby just sent me this.   8 year old Liam climbing over the mountain in France with Lance Armstrong.  This kid ROCKS! Click for video
Alright that’s enough random for one day.  Enjoy your Random Tuesday and be sure to head over to Keely’s and see what everyone is talking about!  The click is worth it.  Be on the look-out for moving day and post moving day updates via Crackberry all next week.  And oh yeah, I’m still homeless.

30 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Bring on the boxes

  1. I think you are too hard on your neighbors about letting their kids out without bathing suits. I know it is not the norm in the US, but over here it is, and especially in the privacy of their own back yard.


  2. I have to disagree. Up to age four I can see but this child is at least 6 and likely 7 if not older. There's being in Europe and then there's 'other'. To me this is definitely in the other category.


  3. I'm with you, any kid over the age of three or four running around naked is just wrong. I can't believe you found a Super Keely doll! It looks just like her.


  4. I always drink my coffee and forget to eat, too. At least I remember to feed the kids breakfast! I just finished “My Father's Hands” by Myron Uhlberg. The author's parents were deaf, and he was born hearing. I really enjoyed it!


  5. Hmm… I don't know what to say about the naked slip and slide thing (can't wait to see what kind of blog traffic you get from that one).But I do want to wish you the best for your move. May all your boxes travel safely, arrive on time and all your precious items be in one piece.


  6. I always forget to eat breakfast, too…and do the same thing about 10:00… ;)I agree – any kid over age 4 should not be naked on a slip'n'slide – particularly when other people can see him/her. Too many psychos in the world…Only 3 more days! The time is flying by fast for your move – you'll be missed while you're offline, but I bet you'll have some great blog fodder when you're back! ;)LOVE that Keely doll – I want one! 🙂 🙂 :)Happy RTT! 🙂


  7. Ick to the naked slip n slide.As for iTunes, I'm pretty sure you can install songs on at least 3-4 profiles, so all you need to do is copy the mp3 or aad or whatever files you downloaded to an area accessible by both profiles (say C:StuffAndreaDownloadedToTheWrongProfile) and then log in as your husband and import the songs to iTunes.If you don't know where to find the songs, open iTunes in the “wrong” profile, right click the new song, and “get info” then find the file path in there.


  8. I can only imagine the hits you will receive from the slip and slide and naked combo. I just finished reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan. It was an amazing insight to loving a quasi-freakishly brilliant artist…(Frank Lloyd Wright). I also loved Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. Great posting!


  9. Naked slip n slide……….no comment.;)Do you “forget” breakfast for skip it because breakfast food sucks (unless made by someone else)? I had homemade banana cream pie fr breakfast.Love your random!Good luck watching the packers and movers.


  10. Oh dear chicken, no naked slip 'n slide.. no no no thank you!And moving tomorrow you say?? well i wish you all the best and a real home instead of the bunch of boxes laid on the streets:) you're gonna be fain tough.. come on, you have 15 lotions up to save you! You're gonna be fine!Oh and something to read.. idk.. now I'm reading(well reading is to much said.. better..hmm..looking.. try “looking”.. yeah)looking through “Easy Beaded Jewelry” by Susan Ray my MIL sent me this weekend.. but that won't keep you busy more than half an hour:)Anyway wish you easy moving and happy randomness!


  11. The boy needs to be clothed and he needs to know that he needs to be clothed. These are not carefree innocent times in the world anymore.Forget the kids! Let's you and I go to Disneyland!


  12. mmmm…crackberry. i haven't been able to text lately because i had a temper tantrum and my thumb got the brunt of it.i don't think i've seen my son naked since he was around six…he's quite discreet that way. kids who run around nekkid with their willy's flying in the wind are probably ones whose moms breastfed them for 5 years.andyp.s. i hope i didn't just insult you with the whole nursing thing. i have foot in mouth issues.


  13. What? You mean that I shouldn't be out on my slip-in-slide in the buff? There is an age limit? Really? LOL.Seriously, I agree, Andrea. When kids get to be a certain age, modesty kicks in big time. Kind of like it is ok to shower with your babies, but not when they get a little older….


  14. OMG! I thought I was the only one who bought lotion that I didn't need. I feel better now.No. No. No you should not let your child slide down a slip and slide naked. Is it that hard to put on a pair of shorts. At the least it will create a barrier from sight and the unseen sticker or rock.A new author I have found is Chris Moore. Read the book Lamb. It's pretty funny.Good luck with the move. Take care.


  15. super keely doll = perfect! my most recent reads that i loved (and they were very different from one another) Water For Elephants and Invisible Monsters. Both of them had me coming back for more and both of them have me thinking about them now – weeks after i finished them. Then I read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Sounds like it would be great right? Meh. It was ok. I will call it a fluff beach read. If you are looking for something escapist, that's your bet. Finally, the best book i ever read was Bel Canto. But its pretty intense so not a good choice if you just want to read something fun. You know what's fun for traveling? Carrie Fisher's latest book – i forget the title.


  16. Hmm… I don't know what to say about the naked slip and slide thing (can't wait to see what kind of blog traffic you get from that one).But I do want to wish you the best for your move. May all your boxes travel safely, arrive on time and all your precious items be in one piece.


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