Moving day one

The day went about as fast as the movers packed-which is to say not very fast at all. From the get go there was a bit of trouble.

8:30 moving day Wednesday.
Movers are an hour late and no one knows where they are. Already we are off to a good start.

9:30 movers arrive. Gotta love Van Euppen Mobilen

10:30 the workmen have requested we make them coffee. Thankfully hubby is still here. I would have severelly faked not understanding kaffee. I mean really. I also would have said make it yourself bitte. After all I gotta be polite right?

11:00-11:20 coffee and smoke break already

12:30 a pattern has become apparent in the packing strategies among the four men. The boss of the group does very little and has yet to finish the tiny kitchen – but he's been in there all morning. Now his partner, we'll call him Sven has been packing my million books and pictures and schmickey-schmekey (knick knacks) in the living room. He's even managed to wrap the furniture. He gets a moving gold star. Now upstairs, where I have not yet ventured we have the twins to the Boss (highly slow) and Sven – another gold star. We'll see how the day continues.

I ran out for lunch and I am sure a smoke break occurred while I was gone.

1:25 men are still upstairs while the kids and I are hiding in the basement.

1:30 wander upstairs for a drink of water and discover the oven is on. Apparently they are making their lunch.

2:30 I can hear wrapping and boxing from the open upstairs window of my bedroom. They've been up there since morning. The only things in the room are a bed, two nightstands and a dresser. The only items they contain are clothes. Wow! My breakable clothes are getting treated like royalty.
My kids are becoming unruly. Chick is crying (literally) for a nap and Boo has taken sassy to new heights. I am strating to wonder if I can get two boxes with vent holes….

3:30 another coffee break. Hmm, they still have two floors left to pack. I'm beginning to really really love our US movers. They were awesome. Even though I had to remind them five times that videos were surface and not going to storage. At least they actually did stuff in a decent time frame.

4:45 smoke break and two floors are still waiting to be packed. Hubby is having a crap day at the office (that's putting it mildly) and is trying to leave asap. If I had to bet, my moneys on Hubby when he gets here. I'm not sure why but it doesn't seem to make them pack faster or take less breaks if I'm here.

5:45 they've given up for the night. They'll finish packing the rest and moving it to the container tomorrow. Seeing my couch in pieces and wrapped in paper is something though.

Stay tuned for day two.


17 thoughts on “Moving day one

  1. Sounds like our previous moving experiences- they NEVER go at the pace I would if it were me. In fact some of our last movers were so slow, I started grabbing boxes! It drove me nuts!


  2. Yay! You survived! We've moved so many times and I definitely appreciate certain moving companies and movers more than others. Hopefully everything will arrive in one piece when you get state side! Hope all goes well!


  3. I just wanted to say 'Have a good flight'. I hope the rest of your moving preparations go well and everything is ok on the US side too.I also wanted to congratulate you on getting what you wanted. I know that you were never really all that happy here in Germany and couldn't wait to move home.It's been great meeting you and hanging out with you and I hope the timing works out next summer so that we can hang out in Philly for a bit.


  4. Ach, I just hate hiding out in my own house! I've never done it with movers around, but the kids and I hide when we have other work done on the house. Hope Day 2 goes quicker!


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