Letter to Germany

Dear Germany,

In my long and yet short three and a half years here I’ve learned a lot of things.  I’ve learned that sometimes no matter how much we try we are not accepted, people fail to understand us and politely dismiss us.  This country for better or worse has been my home.  The cities I’ve walked through with an almost magical feel to them where I’ve stopped to wonder at a pillar built hundreds of years before my own country was even born has touched me.  The landscapes of hills and valleys and rivers, there is no other beauty like I have seen here.  It’s unique to this place, this country and it’s people.

The hardest part of this journey has been the lasting feeling of never fitting in.  Even while the language for the most part eluded me it made little difference, there weren’t many people who wanted to be more than a passing acquaintance.  The lifelong structure of friendships built from youth is very hard to penetrate when you are the newcomer who is foreign, who doesn’t speak the same language or understand the same culture. 

There are many things I will appreciate after this experience though, the history I’ve been able to see up close and even the people I have met. 

I want my children to look back on this time to see good and not bad memories.  My son has lived here just six months less than he’s lived in America and my daughter; this will be her first time ever living in the land I love.

This independence day as we awake in the land of the free and brave for the first time in three and half years it will be a new beginning, a new chapter and a new life.

I wouldn’t trade these years as difficult and hard as they were because I’ve changed.  I’ve become stronger and I’ve learned that I can handle many things I never thought I could.  I know now who I am and where I belong.  For that I am most grateful.

With kind regards,

13 thoughts on “Letter to Germany

  1. Awww, you're coming home on Independence Day, how fitting! I'm sorry you felt slighted in Germany but how cool that you've become so much stronger. Welcome home!


  2. This makes me sad…I'm sorry that you never felt that you fit in….I definitely know that feeling (in a tiny aspect of my life) and it's completely depressing.America welcomes you back with open arms!!! Welcome home, Andrea…save travels!


  3. I'm glad that you are back in the US- and what a propitious day.I don't actually expect to feel at home in Germany. Perhaps that's a result of the destruction (deliberate and sown with salt by both the Nazis and the Soviets) of all my roots.But you won't catch me giving up my US citizenship and staying, no matter that I find certan social and legal regulations here better (yes, better) than those in the US. America welcomes its immigrants: I think we are the only country where the citizens do believe that immigrants are “just like us”.Man, makes me want to write a post!Blub.


  4. Oh i so subscribe to what you're saying… people are mean in germany and they don't accept you no matter how good you get at their language and how hard you try to fit in their culture.. you're simply a foreigner and you'll always be:(Anyway, despite that, I'm glad you made it to move finally.. and it's good to look back and see all the experience you accumulated these years…i know it's sad leaving a period of your life behind.. but think of how much fun it would be to be in your own country and enjoy being part of it..oh my, those feelings… anyway i hope you guys had a great 4th celebration and waiting you back here for more updates on the moving and life:)Happy Sunday!


  5. Welcome back to the States, hope it goes better for you. I've been living in Germany for five years now and it's not perfect, but I guess I enjoy being a little different and I also can speak german enough to get by and that helps. Anyway, good luck!


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