While I’m Away…

I’m going to divert your attention to some wonderful bloggers to keep you busy while I’m gone. I’ve linked a few of these in the past but there are some new discoveries as well. I hope that you will check them out in my absence from blogging and I’ll be back sporadically as the month goes by.
Appearing in absolutely no order whatsoever:
Blokthoughts N More (Shelle, my Venus co-hort in crime)
Clark Kent’s Lunchbox (Mr Clark Kent himself)
Crash Test Dummy Diaries (The one and only Crash)
The Real World Venus vs Mars (My other other blog)
A Duck in Her Pond (The Blonde Duck)
Us and Them (Captain Dumbass)
The Un-Mom (Keely)
That should keep you all busy for a day or two. Please stop by and visit some of these great bloggers and be sure to tell them I sent you (as I really really don’t mind getting some brownie points)

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