Moving is fun!

I should move more often cause it’s so fun. Before I go into complain mode go to this post:

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So far this hasn’t been the most fun I’ve ever had. The Emerald Aisle at National car rental doesn’t have consistent rules. For example at Newark International Airport a mini-van and suv count. At Philly International they don’t. Guess who wanted a mini-van and didn’t have a mini-van reservation? And then guess who also forgot Chick’s carseat at the terminal with Boo and MIL while she went to get the car? DOH! Let’s just say put the fear of God in the Chick and she doesn’t move from the seatbelt. Good girl.

I’m driving a Camry which I must say is a very nice drive. I may get one. I know I said I was decided on another car but get me here with these big roads and huge parking spaces and I simply think I need a bigger car you know? That’s dilemna one.

Dilemna 2 The House we wanted most to see on the planet denied us enterance as we stood on the driveway. Some nonsense about the tenant needed to sleep late and yadda yadda. Tomorrow at two I have to schlepp back an hour plus to hopefully see it. My luck it’ll be gone by then and choice two will also have been snatched up in this helish karmic house rental nightmare we are stuck in.

My new Blackberry arrived. I was all excited because my old one was about to die and I lost the little thingy that makes the power cord convert from EU to US switches. It’s red, so pretty. But it has someone elses SIM card and was all dirty and the memory card holder door thing broke off. At least I charged my old phone (still using German service!!) with the power cord before I ship it back tomorrow. I actually didn’t yell at anyone. I remained calm and everything.

Things I am loving about being back in America:

4th of July swimming bbq at Aunt Steph’s house (awesome water fight pics to come), watermelon, Starbucks is a mere 5.2 miles away (if that), Barnes and Noble has already taken $30 from me and baby girl Chick got a pair of baby high top Chucks. She’s looking wicked cute. Kacey R look for pics coming soon 🙂

That’s the update. Can’t find a house, can’t decide on a car but hey it’s the US. Starbucks is always around the corner. How’s your week going?

Blogging Mama Andrea

14 thoughts on “Moving is fun!

  1. Hiiii blogging mama, Andrea. I'm sending you some good luck Karma from the universe. You WILL get that house you want! I miss you! I'm happy you're back in America because you're that much closer to me being able to borrow your cute green jacket. Good luck with your move. Where exactly in Ideeho do you live?


  2. Wishing you all the best of luck in finding the right car, getting the right house, and drinking just the perfect amount of Starbucks drinks whenever you need them!Moving is so not fun – though living back in the States must be a dream!


  3. The possibilities are endless. And who would have thought that your NEW phone would come with a USED sim card. How exciting!You just never know what will happen next.I do hope you find a wonderful place to blog from!


  4. Sending you lot's of finding the perfect house, car, and better phone vibes. I am glad your back to the states. Now get you butt over here and visit!!!!


  5. Yay for the positive things but man, are you hitting the house-finding-bad luck or what? I hope you got in to see the place and that it was still available and a good find. Ugh.


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