All it took was a minivan

Like the title suggests all it took was leaving a deposit on an Odyssey minivan and the rest of life fell into place. (Yes I said minivan. I know.)

We got The House we wanted. It's so pretty and clean and big. Plenty of places to hide from the kids…I mean when we play hide and seek of course.

The new phone is another story that will hopefully have a happy ending by this afternoon. After two phones and someone elses sim card apparently this sim card is bad too. Off I go to tmobile this morning for a new one (I was assured at no charge. We'll see.). But with the car luck (it was Boo he wanted the minivan so bad and I could see the benefits of a row for each kid. Plus with those power sliding doors its tech-y which is cool. We're going to have to come up with a space agey name for this car.) Things may be on an upswing.

If not Dairy Queen is down the road and I hear they still sell peanut butter cup blizzards.

I'll take two.

So how's your week been going? Are you looking forward to the weekend?


15 thoughts on “All it took was a minivan

  1. What amazing adventures you are going on right now! I'm sorry I haven't been able to comment very often, but I've been reading your posts and chuckling! I'm glad things are working out for you 🙂 When we move to our next place, one of the first things I will search for is a Starbucks.


  2. Well yea!!!Glad things r working out!I love the techy things about our van also… But it doesn't get us up the mountain! Which my husband needs… So we r I search for an suvIts funny though… He's the one that was insistent on the van!


  3. Yay! I'm glad you found a house and :::gulp::: a mini van too. Good luck with the phone. Check it BEFORE you leave the store this time. 😉


  4. If not Dairy Queen is down the road and I hear they still sell peanut butter cup blizzards. oh they do, I just had one on Sunday, (you now it was a small)


  5. YAY!! Glad all is falling into place! What a relief! And get that phone taken care of. Seriously I have had T-Mobil for about 6/7 years, they have always been good.And for SciFi Dad, oh you can go back and be so glad you did. lol We had 2 minivans, then big SUV then YAY back down to a nice midsize car – BMW 330. I will never go minivan or SUV again!


  6. A mini van and a house…and a DQ down the street? Life is good indeed :-)We are still enjoying life without a car payment. But in a month or two…a new minivan will be on the horizon…


  7. welcome back to all things stateside! i wish i could move overseas for a few years, only for hte feelings of gratitude to come back to texas and my texas sized life!


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