Looking forward to Monday

First if there are typos, spelling errors or missing words it's because my son, in a fit of overexuberance just jammed his thumb into my eye. So I'm a bit blind. And the neighbors are have a party. One of those affairs where's its all family sitting outside shouting stories and try as I might I get sucked in. Seeing as its at top volume I guess that can't be helped.

Tomorrow is Monday and its a good day. My husband arrives for two weeks tomorrow afternoon. I'm looking forward to that. I wonder if he'll mind too much if I give him a nice full body hug and kiss and then leave him with his adoring children while I flee to the Barnes and Noble… I'm thinking he may not be so thrilled with that second idea.

Tuesday is car buying and house signing day. Yea! And I was notified our air freight shipment *may* arrive too. Even better. There are vidoes for the kids in there and toys to keep them occupied.

I haven't been able to reply to your comments (I am getting to some of you who have emails setup with your profiles – which you really should do if you haven't) but I haven't been able to visit any blogs to say hi. I'm sorry. I've missed reading about the funny thing your kids did, the latest culinary spam masterpiece, what's up with the new crazy neighbors and just getting back in touch with the blog community in general.

The week will be very busy but next week we settle in for a few days at the beach, taking the kids to their first Phillies game and possibly heading down to DC to see the Air and Space Musuem. A busy two weeks and then Hubby's back to Germany till the end of August and August 2 the kids and I move to the new digs in PA.

A whole lot of change around here but I am looking forward to it. What's on your agenda? Heading anywhere fun? Let me live vicariously through you.

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12 thoughts on “Looking forward to Monday

  1. Oh, I would so escape to the bookstore. In fact, I do that on a regular basis.We have nothing major on the agenda. Just enjoying what seems to be a pain free day.


  2. Nice to hear things are coming together for you! Nothing I'm doing tops Casey getting her boobs lopped off, so I really have nothing else to add.


  3. Kudos to finally finding a new home!Actually you moved pretty fast! And hurray for husband being there with you for a while!Whew i kinda read the main updates.. it feels better being in the know:)


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