Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’d like to phone a friend

It's time for Random Tuesday Thoughts with Keely at The Un-Mom (http://theunmom.com). Link up or lose out. I can't add the fugly button because I'm without my computer and even Blackberry hasn't figured out how break into my computer (yet). So let's just pretend its there alright?

And here we go:

If mushrooms are a fungus and when food has fungus growing on it you shouldn't eat it, does that mean you should never eat mushrooms?

Colorwonder markers – even though they only show color on the special paper, do they leave non-colored marks on other things?

Already with not even a week with my new bb I've managed to mess up the calander just like my old phone. It was there yesterday morning showing up on the main screen and then I touched the dumb facebook icon and now I can't get it back on the main screen again. Seriously anyone else technology deficient? I'm thinking of forming a club.

My husband said he'd fix my phone so instead of saying sent from bb it will say sent from my crackberry. I kinda like that.

I was in the grocery store in the cereal aisle and I got completly overwhelmed. Have you SEEN how many cereals are out there these days? In the yogurt aisle I just walked away. I couldn't deal with all the choices. I may not be re-adjusting to American life as well as I thought.

I've had two blizzards from DQ this past week. Girl Scout Tagalong has there ever been anything more yummy? I'm going to need a new wardrobe if I keep eating like this.

We went to the Roebling Steel Musuem yesterday near my mil's house. It was actually really interesting. They were also having a Mercer Cars show. I thought they just meant Mercer County NJ. It turns out Mercer was actually a car make in the early 1900's. I liked the old abandonded factory the best though. I would love to go back and take some pictures of it. It had that neglected quality…

I did all of my laundry in one load. In Germany it would have been at least three loads. I have to say – bigger is better.

Even when you park at the airport and you write down every detail about where you park…sometimes you still can't find your car.

Be sure to note the new email above my blog badge. I'm working on cutting out all my UK lottery prize notifications. After awhile its just too much money to keep track of.

Well that's all the random I've got for today. Be sure to leave a comment here, visit Keely and then play along. Random. It's all good.

Blogging Mama Andrea

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9 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: I’d like to phone a friend

  1. The cereal and yogurt selections are a bit out of control. I've lived in the states my whole life and I'm still a bit overwhelmed.I've always liked the term crackberry.Happy Random Tuesday.


  2. Those color wonder markers do leave stains!! We had a butcher block table in our kitchen when the kiddos were little. It takes the finish right off the table and you could see all the “colorless” markings. Be warned!


  3. Heh, I'm going to mention your mushroom perusal to my hubby…he refuses to eat sour cream – he says why would he eat sour cream if he won't drink sour milk? Since he LOVES mushrooms, this'll get him… ;)I try not to spend too much time in the cereal aisles…especially when the Princess Nagger is with me – otherwise we'd be there for hours! :)Happy RTT a day late! 🙂


  4. Great randomness. Glad you are still coming on here with your BB. That is dedication. Sorry I have missed your brilliance these past 2 weeks. Craziness at my house, but I have survived and now I am back to MY life- for better or worse.


  5. When I was a kid, I used to think that if penicillin was created from mold, why can't I just eat enough cheese and forget about the doctor giving me a shot?And yes, bigger is always better.


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