Money Money Money

Let’s talk about money! It’s a fun subject especially in a relationship. There are two things couples fight about most and one of them is MONEY. So today I’m talking all about it over at Venus vs Mars. Do you and your spouse fight about money? Do you have different opinions on spending versus saving? Stop by and give me your opinion.

Venus and Mars

Things will be moving back to normal in the next week or so with regular posts here and I’ll be getting back to reading blogs as well. I can’t wait to hear what you’ve all been up to.

One thought on “Money Money Money

  1. I have to say absolutely never have we fought about money. When we first starting living together (GASP- yes we lived in sin 🙂 we made an agreement that we would never fight about money and have stuck to it. I think it might be easier for us because neither one of us is a compulsive spender, etc. Plus there are so many other things to fight about 🙂


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