The Amazing Houdini


My daughter has turned into an amazing Houdini. She can get out of anything. Last night I put her up to bed (still here at mil’s) and as usual she cried and kicked up a good scream of protest. I put up the baby gate across the door like every night, wished her sweet dreams and left the room. Downstairs in the family room at the back of the house the rest of the family was watching tv and I picked up my book to read a bit.
About ten minutes later (if that) we heard little thumps and then bouncing little bare feet coming across the kitchen floor. Where low and behold Baby Houdini appeared grinning and climbed up on the couch.
Not only did she remove the gate (and place it in front of the dresser exactly as I do every morning) she came down the quite steep staircase (which she has only learned how to climb; had she fallen we would have easily been at the hospital for a broken arm or leg or worse).
Quite proud of herself is little Baby Houdini.
I’ve pretty much figured out it’s going to be impossible to keep her contained without duck tape and even then who knows?
Yep, it’s loads of fun living with a three year old Houdini. I wonder what she’s going to do next…
A new fun weekly event comes to us today from Kat at Three Bedroom Bungalow. It’s called Dear So and So and it seems right up my alley. So let’s get started.
Dear So and So...
Dear Whining Baby,
When I said no snack the first four times, I really said no. I meant no. And believe it or not that means NO. Don’t climb up on my lap, don’t pull on my arm, don’t pinch me and don’t whine. I said no snack. Get used to it.
Your loving and affectionate mother
Dear Squirrel,
I just watched you leap the fence and walk across the window. That was a really cool trick. However lounging on my car and playing games on the hood is not such a cool trick. I really wish you would stop doing that.
Your friend,
Squirrel Hater
Dear Hubby,
I love the Irish knot necklace you gave me at Houlihans last night. It was very sweet. But you are still a rat fink for buying me a gift (for NO reason) and I’m calling you out on it this time.
Your ever loving wife,
Necklace Queen
Stop by Kat’s and see who else is talking to Dear So and So today.

20 thoughts on “The Amazing Houdini

  1. Its time to supper nanny her. I had to with my three year old and no more getting out of bed! wanted to say hi my mom is Wendy from no botox allowed


  2. I remember the first time mine climbed out of their cribs. The smug look of satisfaction at a job well done. I think we pretty quickly moved to a big girl bed…and I was amazed that after a week or so, they really didn't get out anymore…


  3. 1. As the lone man (so far, at least), I feel compelled to tell you that it's DUCT tape, not duck tape.2. Gates on doors usually fail. Try closing her door and putting a child-proof knob cover on the INSIDE.


  4. Oh so you're dealing with a Houdini you say??? Now that should be fun:)))Except that for you is not so much:PI just came by to check how things are going with you guys… so I'll stay a while catching up on things!Happy Friday!


  5. we have a gate that is drilled to the wall and you need to turn a handle to open it – requires lots of finger strength so that might help – but yeah, I got me some houdini's too – too many of them for that matter!


  6. hmmmm…. necklace… no reason…. hmmmmmmmmmm…….@scifidad! That DOES NOT work! We tried that. My midget-houdini-like person figured it out. PISSED me off! they're too damn smart for their own damn good.


  7. It's so hard to stay mad at their proud little faces. I love that she put the gate in front of her dresser just like you :)When my eldest was two she quickly figured how to bypass the “child proof” thingy we put on our levered front door handle – like in two days!


  8. Love this! Awesome gift for nothing??!! Great man, there!And I could write sonnet to our chipmunks out back. What rhymes with “hate your guts” or “stop digging holes in our yard”. Maybe, “I'll break your little legs?” Not sure…


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