Let’s do the Blog Hop!

Okay so everyone in the Blog Universe went to Blog Her this weekend. Or it seems that way at least. But some wonderful ladies came up with a way to celebrate those of us who were not lucky enough to be able to go. It’s called Blog Hop and you can link up your blog and follow the links to all the other bloggers who are in town this weekend. You can do this by clicking here:

The other detail is that everyone needs to introduce themselves on their blog for the newbies that may be stopping by. In short order, I give you Me 🙂

Hi! My name is Andrea but you’ll see me around the internet as Blogging Mama Andrea. I am a SAHM of two Rascals (Boo is 7 and Chick is 3). I am a wife to Hubby (8 years plus already!) and I am an aspiring writer (as in I’ve written plenty of manuscripts and I am still waiting in line to be published).

We transplanted ourselves several weeks ago from Germany to the Philly burbs. Before our 3 1/2 years stint in Germany we were in Northern Maryland. And before that Delaware and New Jersey and Delaware again…you can see that we move around a lot. Our goal is to remain in this area for quite awhile but in life you just never know!

Bonn May 09
Bonn Germany May 09
I love how we are all looking in different places.

I enjoy writing, I am a passionate reader, I love music, traveling, cooking (but not cleaning), cycling and hanging out with my kids. I’ve been blogging for almost four years and not long back I celebrated my 400th post.

There are several blogs associated with my name. Blogging Mama, The Real World: Venus vs Mars (which I co-own with another blogger) We feature many talented writers both male and female and we discuss anything relationship related; the good, bad and ugly. I also have a blog dedicated to my writing, The Literary Side, where I talk about writing tips, my characters and projects and I am starting a reading workshop to discuss books every so often. This coming month I am starting Oblomov by Ivan Goncharov.

That’s me in a blog post. I look forward to stopping by your blog and saying hello during this Blog Hop weekend!

19 thoughts on “Let’s do the Blog Hop!

  1. So nice to meet you! Your family is beautiful and I love how y'all are all looking different directions, too! Hilarious and I can totally relate!I'm excited about reading more of your blog! My hubs great up in Germany for a 3.5 year stint, as well, so I'm sure we could compare German notes… or he could… if only he blogged… OK- back to the nice quick comment-Hope you are having a great weekend!


  2. Thanks for stopping by my place!You have a beautiful family! How neat you, and especially the children, are able to experience so many different places to live! I was born and raised, and still live in Florida. I would love to get out of here…but don't see that happening any time soon. Did you take the picture for your header? I love it! It was nice meeting you!


  3. Andrea, what a great family photo. That was a good “short story” about yourself. I won't be able to check up on you until about September with my move and all and I need HIGH SPEED. Crap. I will miss my blogger friends – alot. see you soon I hope


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