Random Tuesday Thoughts: You Must Be Joking

Ah glorious Tuesday again. That means it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts time boys and girls! Swing over to Keely’s place at The Un Mom and see what kind of madness she’s got for you this week. I’ve got my own kind of madness going on. The water’s warm so let’s jump right on in!


From the local Central Jersey newspaper: Groundhog Subdued by Pepper Spray.

I couldn’t make that stuff up if I tried. Really.

It’s a cat but really can you blame me for posting this gem?

wtf cat

We had our walk through for our new house yesterday. The landlady is something from the Psycho Zone. She must have asked me seven times did I want the just-cleaned carpets re-cleaned (no) and did I want the walls painted? Again, no. Seeing as they are pristine eggshell there’s really no need.

I had my kids with me, reminder they are 3 and 7, and Chick (3) stomped on the heating grate in the kitchen and the lady dead serious asked “Are they going to destroy the house?”

If she stops by more than five times in the first month (she lives in the neighborhood) I’m going invite her over for tea and let the kids swing from the loft overlook for fun.

There’s all this talk about how blogging and your blog numbers can help you when you submit to publishers. I’d love to know if that were actually true. (if it is you can email me with your offers.)

I’m so random I often get lost in my own mind.

Meet Sally

This is Sally. She is WAY bigger than Lucy.

Have you ever seen Wipeout? That show that’s on Wednesday nights at 8 on ABC maybe? My son LOVES it. It’s kind of like that show from way back American Gladiators except way more funny cause there are lots of non-buff people on it. And they fall off these giant balls into the water (okay everything involves falling in water which is funny). You should check it out.

I took my kids to lunch at Applebees yesterday. Alone. I’m still alive.

The power went out on Sunday night because of a storm. I had my laptop all charged up so I started playing Majong. Do you have any idea how addictive that is? I think I may see Majong tiles for the rest of the week when I close my eyes.

On my Mac no matter where I am, on the internet or on word or whatever it spell checks everything. My Windows laptop doesn’t do that. So please excuse me if I use extreme latitude in my spelling when I leave you comments.

If you don’t want to be completely left out in the wind then head over to Keely’s The Un Mom

and learn what’s what and Get Random. Everyone’s doing it.

29 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: You Must Be Joking

  1. We have our own version of Wipeout of here – filmed in Beunos Aires I think. And yes – it is incredibly funny to watch people get dizzy and fall into water! x


  2. The Groundhog one had me rolling… while vacation at my parents' (on the other side of PA) I was tasked with shooting them out of garden. I'm not big on killing things so the pepper spray would've been helpful. I suppose in Jersey, though, groundhogs are probably meaner.


  3. Oooh! Maybe I should pepper spray the voles we have that are destroying my flower bed…that might do the trick!We lost power Friday evening and Sunday evening, too, from the storms that passed through here – I happily had my laptop charged up so I could pass the time…I'll have to check out Mahjong. If you don't see me around for a while, you'll know why.Sally looks awesome! Happy RTT! 🙂


  4. Hey, so where did you end up moving to? Something tells me you're not that far away from me. (I know you're not going to post it but if you feel like sharing drop me a note!)PS- Great van! Enjoy!


  5. My 7 y/o son loves Wipeout. I admit it is pretty funny watching some of those people fall into the water. Here's hoping your landlady isn't too intrusive. That can be seriously annoying.


  6. I am loving Sally!And please don't make me go find out what Mahjong is…….because sounds like I could get hooked……Great RTT!


  7. I realized one morning at around 2:00 a.m. during one of my many insomnia-filled nights that I was wasting a tremendous amount of time playing Mahjong. I could not figure out why I kept playing. And playing. And playing.So I played just one more game.


  8. Love your randomness and you should SO invite the landlady in for tea! Have the kids swing from the rafters after they have been covered in head to toe finger paints. I'm just sayin…it may make more of an impact. You know with all those pristine walls and perfectly clean carpets! LOL


  9. Aww the poor groundhog!!! LMAO.. I'm partial because we share a holiday, my birthday is groundhog's day. Must've been one mean groundhog!We love wipeout too!!! Especially when they've had to spin a few times on the last challenge. Classic!


  10. I'm assuming this landlady doesn't have kids or she wouldn't have asked that. OF COURSE they're going to destroy the house, that's what kids do.Wow, I'm afraid to take my kids out of the house solo, let alone a restaurant. Mine are 1 and 2 though so maybe when they're Chick's age we'll try it. Since I know someone who made it out alive (you).


  11. Tiara's – please can we still be blogging bff's if I promise that my 7 yr old MADE me do it? he really did (as in he wouldn't stop hitting his sister so I bought a minivan so they can't touch each other)


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