I’ve gained a little bit…

It’s Monday. First Monday of the month. Which means it’s HASAY update day. The HASAY creator, Casey of Half as Good as You fame has thankfully told us to only post our updates once a month.


pictured: Soehnle Hawaii Monotonic Digital Bathroom Scale.
I don’t how it’s Hawaiian but it sounds nice anyway.

If you’ve read this blog in the last month you’ll already know I’ve got a very bad rep over at Dairy Queen. I turn into this crazed woman when it comes to their Blizzards. Girls Scout Tagalongs are my favorite. Now Casey mentioned to me the other day she recently enjoyed a Thin Mint one…why can’t we get those ones here?

Thin Mint and Tagalong Cookies – any Girl Scout within a five mile radius better watch out come cookie time. You need someone to look after the cookies? You can park your cookie wagon in my garage anytime.


I’ve also been drinking the lovely Dr Pepper. Remember when I said DP in Germany was rare?

It is. It is not here in PA though.

So sugar drink 582 Andrea 0

Hmm, what else? Starbucks drive throughs are too freakin’ convenient I’ll say that much.

Suffice it to say I have not been good like Keely who’s been running or FoN who’s locked away on vacation and has time to think up good lies if she’s fallen from the wagon.

I don’t even have any good excuses except to say I haven’t been around good food like this (you know sugary preservative filled crap) in a long time.

I look forward to next months HASAY update where I can hopefully tell you I’ve been a good girl and eaten only veggies and drunk V8 and been so healthy you wouldn’t even recognize me. But if I think really hard about what’s in the freezer and pantry right now (peanut butter ice cream, two boxes of fudge brownie mix) that really would be pushing it. So yeah, I’ve gained a pound or three this month, you wanna make something of it?

Have you fallen off the wagon? Want to get back on or just learn what I’m talking about? Then head over to Casey’s at Half As Good As You and jump on the HASAY bandwagon. We welcome all new fitness victims.

*if I don’t reply to your comment, don’t worry I’m not buried under Girl Scout boxes, just boxes in general.
**as I type I’m eating Frosted Animal Cookies. I thought it said 18 cookies was a serving…turns out it’s 8.

12 thoughts on “I’ve gained a little bit…

  1. LOL Have I fallen off the wagon. They kicked me off the wagon for sneaking in all the high calorie snacks. But I'm trying to be better. Maybe they will turn around and give me a second(third, forth, or…. who's counting anyway) chance.


  2. I'm there with you since I've only lost 20 of the 50 lbs. I gained with my pregnancy. Now that my baby is 8 weeks I figured I had no excuse to be eating those treats! So hubby and I are doing weight watchers. Summer is always an easier time to lose weight than winter!


  3. Not to encourage you to be naughty – but come on over to the dark side!!!! I just started my day with 4 pieces of bacon, cocolate cake with whipped cream on top and an ice cold coke. It's not even 8 am.


  4. I didn't actually go for the Girl Scout blizzard but I saw it and thought of you. I think you have the ultimate excuse to be bad at HASAY right now, being away from the US with crappy food for several years would make me eat enough to require a crane lift me out of my bed. Here's hoping you taper off your junk food cravings and have a more healthy-ish update next month. Or I might have to get mean. 😉


  5. I fell off too. With my grandmother in town for two months cooking deliciousness all day long… I fell, bruised, and gained! But she leaves today, great timing with HASAY. The pound dropping has begun!!


  6. I have been doing Weight Watchers for almost 2 months…and I am almost to 20 pounds lost. It's exciting. But when my girls convinced my husband to get Thin Mint ice cream at the grocery…it was just wrong! We kept it in the outside freezer…out of sight, out of mind. Except that now I am thinking about it…


  7. mmmmm….. cookies! i had a few oreos this month and thought of your oreo addiction. then i quickly gave all the rest of them to my children (bc they are growing boys and all) so i can avoid the sprial down into oreo addiction. next thing you know i will be hiding them in my underwear drawer.


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