Random Tuesday Thoughts: Shuttered in

It's Tuesday (or it might be Monday or Wednesday who knows?) But either way it's time to get random with Keely at www.theunmom.com

I'm late today but what else is new?

Without internet there's not much to do but spy on the neighbors.

The neighbors we can't spy on are super nice. They have kids and a dog. What more could we ask for?

We walked to get the mail the other day and from now on unless we are going to the pool (across the street from the mailboxes) we will drive. It's a long walk. Pushing a stroller. Uphill.

I'm finding things in boxes I haven't seen in almost four years. I also found my first passport – from 1993. Freaky.

I've been to Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Acme, Giant and Ikea in the last four days. I'm shopped out.

My kids love swimming in the tub in the master bathroom.

My three year old used the potty three times yesterday. Wahoo! She also sleeps in a big girl twin bed now. She getting all grown up on me.

Our landlady had the driveway sealcoated yesterday and now I can't get in my garage till Friday because it wont dry. Well DUH. Its 93 degrees with 90 percent humidity. What did she expect?

Our whole cul-de-sac is a no park fire zone. I've decided to buck the rules and park anyway. Its too freakin' hot to walk halfway down the street.

For more random Random visit the Un-Mom and get your fix on.

From extremely hot and humid Philly,

Blogging Mama Andrea

Praying internet will be up and running soon!

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12 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Shuttered in

  1. Oh, the humidity. Today I was doing science with my daughter and there was some side note in the teacher's book that says that it's a misconception that humid air is heavy. It's lighter than “regular” air. It must be a misprint. Because my humid air is so heavy it's suffocating. And I might need a paddle to push some of the humidity out of the way to get to that “regular” air…


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