Random Tuesday Thoughts: YoYo Get Your Hands OFF Your Sister

It’s time to get random again boys and girls with Keely at The Un Mom, the Un-est mom I know! Now where did I leave that fugly button this time??

Ah there it is so here you go:
So, spiders. Do you have freaky gigantor spiders? I do. Be sure to come back tomorrow and read all about it.

Since it’s too gosh dang hot to go outside (today – the weather said “feels like 100 degrees” – sticky) in the two weeks we’ve been living here we are stuck watching tv or rather movies. I think I have The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe memorized (though it’s an awesome flick).

I gained and lost a follower today.  But they were different people.  Don’t you wish you could get a “this person has defected” email so you could know who it was and shake them down for the reason?  I always think, well crap, my post must have really sucked today!

I have a fireplace here (which I hate) and this big white space above it. Do you know how crazy it makes me that I can’t figure out what to do with that space? Candlesticks? Art? Russian Matryoshka Dolls?

You talkin’ to me?


Cycling Papa (aka Hubby) was so busy at work yesterday the most stressful thing he did was to try to figure out which car to buy. Honda Accord or Nissan Altima? Hmm, yeah.

When the sun goes down the noise from the bugs outside my bedroom window is amazing. It’s like a wild nature sound exhibit.

Last night I lit some candles in my bathroom around the tub.  You know the behomoth, sunken double person tub that only my kids have actually used? Anyway I was in the mood to take a bubble bath (it’s a chic thing) but it was about midnight so I nixed that idea in favor of sitting on the edge of the tub in the glow of the candles eating ice cream.  (Yes I not only ate ice cream at midnight but while sitting next to the bathtub.) It was only as I was blowing out the candles that I realized there was a bottle of biff cleaner with bleach in the back corner ledge. Fire+Andrea=The grateful feeling of knowing the house has a sprinkler system.  

I love the area where we live but I don’t love the traffic. Our car insurance (for one car) is almost double here what it was when we lived in N. Maryland four years ago. There is that much traffic that the chance of an accident significantly impacts our rates. Geesh.

There are at least six houses on our street alone for sale (and seven if you count ours, even though our landlord does not have it currently for sale since we are renting it). Lot’s of houses, no buyers.

I feel like going visiting on Sundays though because they all have open houses and I could pop from one to the other and ‘check out the neighbors’. See what they have above their fireplaces…

All I have is house related random.  And if it’s related is it really random? 

There is good random I get to share, just a tidbit peek for now. I’m going to be writing a column for a motherhood ezine starting in January called Life in My Backyard. I’m thrilled to have been offered the opportunity. Stay tuned for more details as the launch is set for September and I’ll be having a party here.

That’s it. I haven’t got any more random. No funny pictures, crazy stories or anything else random worthy. You should go over to Keely’s and take a peek at the other random junkies and see what they have to say. Well, at least I hope Random Tuesday is still on since Keely’s been away on this mondo fabulous vacation. If not, well, feel free to be random in my comments then, I really don’t mind.

19 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: YoYo Get Your Hands OFF Your Sister

  1. On that white mantle space you could hang Christmas stockings all year the wqay some folks leave their porch lights up. Or mix it up with different seasonal stockings: Easter, Thanksgiving, Arbor Day.


  2. Okay, how adorable is your little girl? ;)PS- I love going to open houses… there's something fun about seeing how other people decorate their homes and getting all sorts of ideas from that. Plus I am always curious about the size of homes in different neighborhoods, maybe because I live in an apartment and have been openly pining away for a house for years and years!


  3. I stopped using the followers thing a while back because it cluttered up my profile and my reader. I got one or two emails asking why I stopped following people, but that's it.As for the fireplace, we have a mantel that my wife puts stuff on (it varies: sometimes it's Willowtree figures, others it's cards for a birthday, or whatever), and a painting above it on the wall.


  4. I'm actually kinda surprised that blogger hasn't come up with a notifier about new followers and unfollowers. It seems the logical thing to do. Plus, so many people don't have links to their blogs from their picture, so you have no idea how to find their blog. I also like the cuteness of your little one!Congratulations on your new gig! That's wonderful!


  5. Trooper – Nice idea. You sound like my sister who starts shopping for Christmas in JUNE.Captain – Sorry about that. Muwahhhah. And thanks.Mausi (aka Christina) -Thanks And where have YOU been??Robin – me too, I love going through houses, even for no reason. Plenty to buy here you know…just saying!


  6. I hate “hot” It's so hot here in the summer you can't take the kids outside for more than an hour or so unless their's a pool involved.And that defect message would be a good idea since most people who defect only follow so you'll follow them. If you don't comment on their site then they drop you – fair weather bloggers.


  7. Love the picture, she is too cute. Yes, gigantic wolf spiders and I killed a black widow last month and one was on the shrub that Graham was playing by over the weekend. I'm getting a strong case of arachnophobia.


  8. Congrats on the column!!!For the fireplace consider a large seasonal picture. One you change for every season. I had a friend that did this with the added joy of putting the NEXT season up so in summer the image was of fall. She said it gave her something to look forward to.


  9. You really know how to have a good time. Eating ice cream by candlelight in the bathroom! The decor on the mantel over our fireplace changes seasonally. But we have a big picture of the kids that stays there year round. It always makes me happy to look at it.Your little girl is adorable!Congrats on the article!!!!


  10. What a sweet baby girl! Laughed at your “gain a follower/lose a follower” philosophy! It's hard to not take it personally isn't it! I say track 'em down and let 'em have it —okay, I'm kidding but you get my drift?Great RTT!


  11. It's been HOT, hasn't it? Love the idea of having a candlelit ice cream moment, though… 😉 I would totally go to the open houses to 'check out the neighbors' – I always like to see how other people decorate their houses and get ideas. Wish there was a way to 'track' the gained/lost followers. When I get new ones, I'd like to go visit their blog, and when I lose them, I'd like to figure out who/what/why/how. ;)Congrats on the column! You'll have to let us know when you're posting and provide a link so we can stalk you over there, too! ;)Happy RTT! 🙂


  12. just call terminex for the spiders!!as for the followers – I can not for the life of me figure it out!! I have basically had the same number of followers for the last 3 months. I gain two, lose two, gain one lose one! it's weird! I dont' know who they are!


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