Screaming, FLip FloPs and Spiders

Spiders. There are some big freaky freaking spiders here in the wilds of suburban Philadelphia. It could be that my yard backs up to a forested area. It could be that we had stragglers sleeping our boxes and they’ve come alive. I don’t really know. And I don’t really care all I know is I’m up at 11 pm writing about spiders because the mother of all spiders just waltzed across my bedroom floor towards my bed like he owned the dang place.

Slight screaming, throwing of flip flop and general hysteria ensued.

But I got that freaky spider and I’m happy to say he’s swimming with the fishies or whatever else may be down the sewer pipes. (that begs a question: when you kill a bug do you flush it or throw it away in the trash can? does it depend on the bug? just curious)

I am okay-not okay with bugs but spiders freak the crap out of me and if they have to be in the house they need to stay CONFINED to the basement dungeon where they belong. (again, a question: does anyone else call their basement The Dungeon? is it just me? maybe this is why I find basements unsettling…)

I am wondering with the unbelievable amount of crap we have in the basement and I’m talking we could make a mint in a yard sale amount of stuff if bombing the space is an option. You know bug bombs. Do they work? Actually do they even make those?

I don’t know but something has got to go and it had better be the spiders. I think I’ll go sleep with one of my stinky kids because the idea of that spider having some friends hiding under the bed or the couch or the dresser in my room…shudder. I’ll spend the night clawing myself thinking they are crawling all over me.

What freaks you out? Bugs? Spiders? Snakes? Let’s hear it.
Oh and head over to Venus vs Mars today.  I’m covering the mystery of the Magic 8 Ball. Intrigued aren’t you?

20 thoughts on “Screaming, FLip FloPs and Spiders

  1. If I were living in Philly, the one that would scare me would be the one called the Michael Vick bug. jkSorry you have spiders. Better than scorpions, which is what we have here in the desert.I think they do have bug bombs, but I don't know if they have them specifically for spiders. Good Luck!!


  2. Spiders are ok. I just smush them and toss them in the garbage. What I hate are those stink bugs. Your going in for the kill and then they all of a sudden start flying and of course it's heading right into your hair. EEEK! And of course, well, they stink.


  3. I like spiders kind of. They still freak me out but I'm more fascinated by them….thus the reason I kept a black widow on my desk for 3 months.We used to call our basement the Dungeon and it used to have lots os spiders. Then we finished it and Garrett (17) lives down there in complete luxury and calls it “His Lair.”


  4. Gosh are you brave!!! I am not sure I'd be handling that so well!Spiders ARE nasty but they don't freak me out like cockroaches do. OMG… then all bets are off! They just look dirty and slimy and creepy and ewwwwww…. I have a hard time getting anywhere near them to off them. (And flush… always flush… that way you know for sure they are gone. Even when you mush them with a newspaper, or whatever, and toss them in the garbage. I always worry they'll come back from the dead!)


  5. oh I cant stand spiders..snakes…mice….ugh….no way dont want them around… should check out my post from yesterday about the HUGE fly we found OUTSIDE the house..thank goodness…Ive never seen anything like it before in my life!!!!!


  6. Well our basement is finished so we live down there too. The spiders kill the other bugs that show up. We don't have any “bad” spiders up here that would poison you or anything like that. We flush them!


  7. I don't mind spiders. Or snakes. But roaches…ewwww…We have lots of spiders in our basement, too. I am not sure what attracts them. We are on a wooded lot, too. And our exterminator says that you really can't spray for spiders. They just walk right over it 🙂


  8. Bug don't bother me in general. They are a part of life and I've come to accept that. However, a couple of weeks ago there was the mother of all spiders in my bedroom. Biggest spider I had ever seen in person! Frightening! I made my husband come home and kill it. He said it was a real fight. The spider was super fast apparently and had to chase it around the room. Owwwwww!! I would have freaked.


  9. Spiders are the pets of Satan —I am sure. and yes, I flush them down the toilet and hope like heck they don't crawl back up and bit my butt.all bugs are despicable, but I will have to make peace with them here in the country —horse flies are awful and BIGso now that I have high speed I 'll be able to get back into the blogging world.


  10. I really don't like spiders. Never have. BUT, I just recently decided that ants are way more annoying than the occasional spider. Of course, I still scream like a girl when I see a spider in my house.


  11. Oh i hate the spiders too.. but actually i hate all the bugs.. oh yes and the bees! i totally hate them. My husband is allergic to bees so i have to hunt them down myself when they pass over the “invincible barrier” created by my opened window:PHope you'll get rid of those humongous spiders tho' :)Happy Thursday!


  12. Spiders are ok. I just smush them and toss them in the garbage. What I hate are those stink bugs. Your going in for the kill and then they all of a sudden start flying and of course it's heading right into your hair. EEEK! And of course, well, they stink.


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