If you have loads of time…and more random things

A lot of bloggers have those cute posts entitled Look Through My House and Welcome To My Home. This isn’t one of those type of posts. This is a nitty gritty look at a lived in house.

You can feel free to peruse and poke around. I took some pictures so that the family who read here can see where we live (I did forget the outside picture though, drats).

A breakdown of rooms if you feel confused (because who really needs three sitting rooms??): red couch – living room; blue couch with yellow chair – kids upstairs playroom/loft; green couch with yellow chair – sunroom/tv room; room with blue/green stripe carpet is my office area (or formerly the breakfast room off the kitchen). You know, where I come up with these witty posts.
Can you believe how much room I have in the garage? Another inch and the car wouldn’t even have fit. The rest of the pictures should be obvious. No pics of the kids rooms. That would definitely have cps running to my door. Please excuse the general mess and disorganized look. It does at least look better than it did last week. And before you ask no, that is not my Star Wars pillowcase and stuffed panda bear in my bedroom. Boo slept with me the night before I took these pictures.



Okay so the following has nothing to do with the pictures above or really anything much. But it’s Friday so I’m just going to get it all out instead of waiting for my usual Random Tuesday posts.

What is up with the exorbitant postage prices? Really, I want to ship a bag to Ontario, Canada in a large padded mailer and with nothing attached (did you know you can’t get delivery confirmation outside of the US? I didn’t.) It’s $16. If I want any kind of piddly confirmation it’s $25. I only sold the thing for $60! Even across the US for a medium priority box it’s $10.95, what happened to the postage for $8.90? Or even $6.10? What is going on in America these days when you can’t even afford to go to the post office?

The other thing I need some serious opinions on: a doctor’s visit for my kids. Monday we saw the nurse practitioner for Boo’s check-up for school. She’s very nice, friendly and competent.

Wednesday was Chick’s visit with Dr F. From the get go I knew we had an issue. Here’s how I described the event to Cycling Papa in an email:

I am not so sure I like this Dr F though and he’s the specialist guy for this office

{we are supposed to see him for a consult for Boo about some stuff}.

During the course of the visit he tells me he has adhd.

{which I don’t care about. I’m pretty sure my kid has it too. That wasn’t what bugged me about him it was just weird that he mentioned it to me}

(and it is obvious as he can’t stay on topic for more than two seconds) and the other thing that I really didn’t like – he’s examining chick in the diaper area like touching (not to be all weird) which is totally normal cause they gotta check that area but then he goes right to his computer without washing his hands…no sanitizer, no nothing. Who knows when he washed his hands before because he sure didn’t wash in the room at any time in front of us. So I definitely didn’t like that.

They did a stick blood test for Chick’s hemoglobin (no gloves or anything). He also said after one glance at the records I brought where Chick had all those tests done {when we first brought her home in 2007} that he could see straight away she has Thallesemia. But yet the doctor we saw then who consulted a Thallesemia expert said she probably didn’t and they couldn’t know for sure without more testing for the genetic trait.

So what do I do? She’s supposed to go back for a weight check in two months and he encouraged me to give her entemans chocolate cookies to gain weight. Seriously. I don’t think junk food and empty calories are the way to get her to eat well and healthy and gain weight…I’m thinking another doctors office would be better suited for us.

So parental people give me YOUR opinions. Do you think I should trust this office? Am I being too critical of the little things? My son pointed out when I mentioned we may not go back to that doctor that he didn’t wash his hands and that spreads germs. Right you are Boo, right you are.

Overall I didn’t get a real good impression on my second visit and even the first didn’t blow me away (as we were ten minutes early for our appointment and still had to wait thirty minutes past our time to be seen and we’d been told we were seeing Dr G and we didn’t even see a doctor at all – not that it really mattered. I also didn’t fill out a single medical profile for either kid. That was very strange).

Is there anything wrong with this doctor and the office or am I just completely insane? Let me hear it.
And for Kat at Sunshine and Lemonade here are some pictures of my Reseinthal shopping basket.
basket 004
basket 003
Maybe I’ll share some recipes on Monday 🙂

18 thoughts on “If you have loads of time…and more random things

  1. Go with your gut on the doctor. I'd make the switch. The fact they didn't fill out medical profiles is really, really weird. Most places are very particular about that and kinda nag you to make sure those records are updated with immunization dates, etc. I'm all about trusting your instincts and that doesn't feel right.Your house is HUGE! I can't believe you found a rental with that much space. Awesome!


  2. The house looks really great – a loft for the kids to play, an office where the kids won't play… I'd be in heaven.My first house had a garage that small, which would've been fine except the washer and dryer were in there too. You'd have to back the car halfway out to get to the other side and wash clothes.


  3. 1. I probably spent way more time than socially appropriate trying to find the Star Wars pillow, and felt disappointed that it wasn't a clear shot.2. I would NEVER go back to that doctor again for all the reasons you cited. You're paying good money for health care, it should at least be clean and, you know, healthy.


  4. First of all, are you RENTING that house? It's incredible! Can I move in? ;)And I am not a parent yet but my rule of thumb: if any doctor makes me feel uneasy about ANYTHING, I find someone else. Period. Their job is to heal and to treat you (or your kids), not to add to your concerns.Always go with your gut… the times I didn't listen to that voice and brushed it off as something “silly,” a bigger issue inevitably came up down the road and I end up regretting my decision to stick it out. SO! I say find someone else, as annoying as that is! Good luck!


  5. Love the house!! And I am with the others, find someone new. If he is the specialist, that might be a bit difficult, as others will refer you to him. But I would still look elsewhere.Our doctors always wash there hands in front of us when they first walk in the room.


  6. house is beautiful!!!!! and looks so big!!!! as for the doctor thing if your gut doesnt feel right about this then listen to it…there is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion…and you are right it is gross that no sanitizing of the hands was done…who knows how many people he had seen and didnt wash his hands in between…yuck!!!


  7. The house is gorgeous! Our kitchen cabinets look very similar.Trust your instincts on the doctor. If he makes you uncomfortable…move on!Thanks for showing me the pictures of the bag. It's huge! Is it difficult to carry?


  8. Run! Quick! Run! You need to feel comfortable with this doctor. Go with your gut!I love the house! Don't you? Nice find and worth the wait.So THAT is the famous basket! I didn't know that was what it is called. I have two – one in raspberry and one in a cute plum toile print (kinda). I got them at Marshalls for some ridiculous price like $14.99. Love em!


  9. I love your red couch. We need a new couch and I want yours. Send it over.My surgeon doesn't wear gloves when he takes stitches and staples out and it yucks me but at least he washes his hands when he's done. I dunno, if you didn't like that many things about your pedi, you should find another one before you get too settled in at that office.


  10. Garage looks a little snug. I used to have a tight fit in my old garage. I put a 2 x 4 on the ground, so I knew when to stop so the car would fit. I've seen people hang a tennis ball from the ceiling too if you're in to that.Interesting re-usable grocery bag. It does look a little heavy and cumbersome though.


  11. Your house is beautiful and clean and clean and — xx!! you have a clean house!About the doctor… I always tell parents to go with their instincts. YOU are the EXPERT on your kid. It sounds like you've addressed your concerns with other doctors. Think back to the one who seemed best (and washes his / her hands). See if you can schedule there again, or at least call for a consult.Good luck!


  12. This is horrible to admit… but I am no good at interior design… so i think your house pictures look great!And I would switch your pediatrician or doctor or whatever… I've done that before and its always turned out for the better!


  13. i would definitely change dr. you cannot continue with a dr. that you don't trust. those issues might be little things to some people, but if its important to you, you need to find someone who shares your values on issues like hygeine and nutrition. there are loads of dr.'s who encourage hand washing and proper nutrition. btw: it was recommended that my son gain a little weight around his 2 year visit. we fed him copious amounts of oatmeal and chocolate (ovaltine) whole milk. it worked.


  14. very cool photos of your house. Ours is soooooo small. but works for just the 2 of us. I hate picking doctors, now that I have moved I have to find a new doctor, dentist, hair stylist—-ALL OF IT. YIKES!!


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