Random Tuesday Thoughts : Sand Version

It’s Tuesday (duh) so that means it’s Random Tuesday Thoughts day with Keely at the UnMom. I don’t know how many more ways I can introduce her that I already haven’t done. So it’s just Tuesday and Random with Keely alright?
Yesterday we went down the shore. My kids have sand in places the sun doesn’t shine. The waves were huge thanks to Hurricane Bill but Chick loved it when I held her arms and let her ‘body surf’ through the waves. Boo may have dug all the way to China. I don’t know cause I still haven’t found him yet.
Because the kids spent all day outside running around they ate second and third helpings of dinner and both fell asleep on the two hour drive home. Can we go to the beach everyday??
Cycling Papa is due to arrive for a week long visit on Friday (wahoo!) which means I get three solid FREE TIME hours on Saturday. I’m going to Nordstroms, I may not come back.
School starts on Monday. I can hardly believe it’s already time even though I’ve prayed for school to start every. single. day. the entire summer. The bus comes at 8:35 and you can bet Boo’s going to be on it.
The bus stop is across the street from the mailboxes, which is across the street from the pool which since we live at the END of the street means walking uphill past about forty houses and uphill onto the next street to the second corner. Did I mention it’s UPHILL?
I had this free iTunes download sitting in my wallet from about two months ago that I finally cashed in. Thanks Starbucks! Every Tuesday when you buy a drink you get a free download. I got Ben Harper and Relentless7 song’s Fly One Time. It’s not too bad actually.
When I got home at 9 last night I had not one but two packages on the doorstep. I wish I could come home every night to something fun like that. (don’t get too excited. The first package was a Harley motorcycle lamp my parents gave Cycling Papa the first year we lived in Germany and they’ve been kind enough to let us rent space in their closet to keep it until now. And the second was diapers. Like I said nothing exciting.)

Good thing the diapers didn’t break! It reminds me of SciFi Dad’s recent post about Packaging Overkill
My arms and legs ache from holding a 23 pound squealing kid in the ocean for three solid hours. But her smiles were worth it.
I think I talked non-stop yesterday to my mil and sil who were at the beach house. I’m sure they were glad to be rid of me by the time 7 ‘clock rolled around. I really ought to get out more I guess.
Not only did I forget my camera yesterday I didn’t even take my phone up to the beach. I actually left it at the house. That is a first for me.
I haven’t been visiting the blogs of the kind new people who’ve left comments recently (but if you have your email connected to your profile I have tried to respond that way. You don’t have it hooked up? You should.). I know I suck and I owe you a visit. But this temporary single mom gig is way harder than I thought. I’ll get to it. Eventually.
I’m done being random for now. I’ve got to go hoover all the sand from the floors that I keep stepping on. If you want to be Random go to the UnMom and link up (or just read up) or be Random in my comments. I promise I won’t mind.

21 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts : Sand Version

  1. Come on… everyone knows that diapers are prone to bruising during shipping, and that a bruised diaper doesn't hold as much liquid as a pristine one!Also: one box with some air bags? Pfft. Amateurs.Now I will go and deal with the realization that your three year old weighs less than my 10 month old.


  2. great randomness! in the latest installment of the no 1 ladies detective agency, mma ramotswe says that the woman who is moved from the village to the solitary life in the city is sad bc we women were meant to sit and chat and visit with each other. so jealous you got to the beach! šŸ™‚


  3. Amen, Can't wait for school to start here. Sept. 6th. We are counting down the days.Weighing in on weight, my almost 6 year old is less than 40 lbs. So ha!Sounds like the kids had a good time at the beach. I, too, love it when they get all worn out!


  4. Hi…just wanted you to know that I saw your comment about the worst thing you ate over at Tiaras and Tantrums…and I am so making that someday. No kidding…I have to try it once in my life:-)


  5. What a relief that I finally know how to pack diapers correctly. I would hate for them to break in transit!!!Sorry, but I would have to drive to the bus stop….isn't that awful. And if you try to sneak Chick on there with Boo, I'm telling! šŸ˜‰


  6. Hi Blogging Mama! How the helk are you? Are you all Americanized now? Yes, can we go to the beach everyday? I think my kids will have sand in yonder places for the rest of their lives. It's so good to see your blog again!!!! Missed you.


  7. Isn't it amazing how a day at the beach can zap the excess energy out of any kid (or adult for that matter)? :)Love the packaging on the diapers…hilarious!I've been behind on visiting regularly, too – but I'm looking forward to Princess Nagger going back to school tomorrow so I'll actually have more time to do that! :)Princess Nagger has always been in the 10 percentile of the weight category on her charts – but she's healthy and eats like there's no tomorrow, and the doctor has always reassured us we shouldn't worry. I like that she's slight like she is because I can get 2 seasons out of her outfits… ;)If we don't hear from you after Saturday should we send out a search party to Nordstroms? ;)Happy RTT! šŸ™‚


  8. Sounds like the beach was hectic, but full of great rewards. Both the boys get to come home and will be here for about two weeks. I remember the good days when the kids were young. Enjoy every second.


  9. Woah, Chick only weighs 23lbs? She is a little chick! Elliot weighs that and Graham is 37 (and 2 1/2) I guess I need to stick my kids on the treadmill. The beach sounds fun and if it tired them out like that, all the better.


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