Some Days I’d like to Scream

Do you ever have those days where you’d much rather pull the covers back up, snuggle into your pillow and forget you have responsibilities?

I’m kind of having that week…

It starts innocent enough (and for once it isn’t about my kids making me insane). If I want to be totally honest it started over a week ago. Without going into too much detail I spoke with an old friend from a couple years ago (gotta love the interweb) and we chatted back and forth and I thought

Okay that was kind of nice to talk again

I went about my merry way. My email was going to be passed on to some others we hadn’t seen in awhile and I got kind of excited about maybe connecting with some other people as well. So has my mailbox been flooded? Has my phone been ringing? Unless that was them at 3 am the other night then the answer to that would be no.

I’m not entirely sure what the point of contacting me was about. I haven’t heard from them again and no one else has said hello. I’m not overly surprised I suppose but the thing is that it would have been nice to talk, maybe even meet up.

It felt like a car dealer’s bait and switch trick. Get all comfy with a How the heck are you??! email and then disappear all over again like they never existed in the first place.

I’m finding with Facebook, Twitter and blogging this is pretty common. Mostly with Facebook and if I’m being honest I suppose I’m not really looking to be anything more than curious when I say okay to your friend requests. Of course I’d love to know what you’ve been doing in the past 14 years (can it really have been that long??) but I’m not going to send chatty emails and then stow away from sight for another 14 years.

What bugs me is the personal chitty chatty email and then the disappearing act. I can not be the only person who has experienced this.

Have you had the “Let’s be friends again” email? Is there one person you would like to reconnect with?

*for reference this person I am talking about has nothing to do with facebook.

16 thoughts on “Some Days I’d like to Scream

  1. ugh. I would be annoyed too. That actually happened to me with the Johnsons. Remember them? I kind of chatted with the daughter and then….nothing. Oh well.


  2. Honestly? I do that.I use Facebook as a “where are they now” tool, not a communication tool. If I know you and want to talk with you, I'll use something other than a Facebook message to talk.


  3. Oooo…I think I have done that. Mostly out of curiosity. About a boy I was in lust with in 8th grade. I found him. Said hello. Had a few chatty emails. And my curiosity is sated. Now he's just a neighbor in farmtown :-)And there are a lot of people I am curious about. What has become of them since we lost touch.


  4. People are weird. That's really the best explanation I can come up with. I've had the strangest things happen with Facebook, which has turned out to be not all that different from high school. People add you as a friend, pad their numbers, come and go, unfriend you, flood your home page with millions of updates, blow you off, the works. I know you're not talking specifically about Facebook but I try not to let any of that crap get to me too much. It's hard sometimes, so I hear you.


  5. I hate that too! I tend to ignore friend requests from old high school friends who I haven't spoken to in 25 years. What's the point? Some I do connect with – for instance, some are single parents like me, and we have something current to share.


  6. That bugs me too… so over the past several months I've been both deleting people's facebook profiles from my friend's list – and denying friend requests from mere acquaintances.


  7. I'm that person!!!I've loved reconnecting with people I haven't talked to since high school…..but they have busy lives and I have a busy life and we've moved on and blah blah blah.The voyeur in me wants to hear about the last 20 years and keep up with them, but then again, not really.But I know how you feel, I've run into people and they are all, “Oh give me your phone number and we'll all get together.” And then I never hear from them.


  8. Oooo… I am kindda like that… alot of my “friends” are like that too. So happy to reconnect…catch up.. & then nothing… But in all fairness, I live on the otherside of the world & not like we are going to meet in town for a drink. I will be seeing all of them at my reunion next month, so we'll see how that goes.Maybe they have the best intention but with kids /work/hubbies they haven't gotten around to setting something up. Can't you set a lunch or something`?


  9. Dont really have anyone I want to reconnect with from my past….which is why Ive stayed away from things like facebook and twitter and whatever else is out there. If I want to talk to you chances are you we havent spent 14 years not talking….BUt I would feel the same way as you are feeling if I had gone thru that…(HUGZ)


  10. Oh I am there right now. I just read my hometown newspaper and realized my very good friend in high school dad passed away. SHould I write her? Or not. I seriously haven't talked to her for 27 years. I pretty much graduated and drove away, never to come back to that life. Now what to do? Not sure I really want to “stay in touch” Just maybe a quick what has been going on summary and be done? lolOk I am no help.


  11. I know what you're saying. It's like, “Whadda I do? Is it my breath? Is my zipper down?”The ones that get me are old friends who find me on Facebook. Hail me, and a few months later I realize they 'un-friended' me. Usually this is because I'm not the same person I was when we knew each other and they like me even less now. Kind of an ironic post given my lunch yesterday.


  12. I don't really use my personal facebook account but I've seen that with my daughter when she reconnects ONCE with an old childhood buddy. They friend each other on facebook and then fall back into their own lives again. It is rather odd, isn't it?


  13. I feel like, If God wants them back in my life, He will provide it, I leave it in His capable Hands! (O: hehe I try to leave it there, i so much other stuff to dale with… Much Love and Prayers, Lori


  14. People are odd. It's like they get all of the dish and don't reciprocate or even stay politely in touch. This is why I prefer my spot under my rock. I don't offer anything and people don't ask. LOL I know that sounds bad but I mean it in a nice-ish way. LOL I would be annoyed if I were you too though. And BTW, yes, I had someone contact me recently, apologize for dropping off the face of the earth – I give her the “its OK” speech to never hear from her again. THAT was annoying too. šŸ˜€ I'm just sayin' I'm not bitter or anything. I got some fun stuff going on at my blog you might like. šŸ˜€


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