What’s Up Saturday

It’s Saturday. I don’t really post on Saturday’s but I’ve had a great day today. Wanna know why?

Cycling Papa is home! Yea!

He even gets to stay longer than I thought so we get two whole weekends together. And for the first time ever (okay in the month we’ve lived here) I am alone with just ONE kid in the house. It’s so nice cause she’s easily entertained with Thomas.

This morning I did go to Nordstrom and I did actually come out after an hour and half (no worries Stacey, they didn’t need the National Guard after all ;). Just to share some info – Did you know personal shoppers (as in they gather stuff for you beforehand and go back and forth getting you what you want) is a FREE service. Umm hmm. FREE. Just sign up for it by calling or going online to the wbsite and look under services. So that’s what I did today.

I pretty much never buy stuff for myself so Cycling Papa forced me to go to Nordstrom and spend on me. Can we do that again next week honey? Cause that was fun! If you’ve never thought about a personal shopper or you are like me and find one shirt and then buy it every single color it comes in, this service is so nice. I have variety now, I have clothes that actually fit me correctly! (I tend to buy too big.)

And my saleslady she rocked. Even though she had partially blue hair she spoiled me and told me exactly what looked good and what didn’t and helped me match stuff up (my worst thing). Plus she schlepped all the clothes for me. I didn’t have to go and find a different size. Once she watched what I picked up after five minutes she set me in a dressing room and then kept bringing me stuff.

I wonder if she could come to my house and provide the same service….

Either way you should try this service. And did I mention it’s FREE? It really is.

Love from a better dressed,

11 thoughts on “What’s Up Saturday

  1. We want to see pics of the new you! I know what you mean about them coming to your house but I want my hair dresser to come every morning and do my hair for me.


  2. Wow! That sounds like you had an awesome day. How sweet that your man “forced” you to spend money. “Chris, are you listening?”Didn't know about those free personal shoppers. I'll have to try me one of them next time.


  3. I would LOVE a personal shopper. I do the same thing, I find something I like and buy it in multiple colors. Problem with that? Figuring out what to wear inbetween the same shirt different colored days!!! HAH!!Blessings and enjoy!


  4. Okay pictures will follow. I had never thought of using the service figuring it would be costly but when I found out it was free – Sign me up! It definitely helped me to get out of the 'mom' look I was stuck in. And Cycling Papa certainly agreed. He's taking his 'good looking' wife out for dinner!Sweet Pea – We are two of a kind. If you looked in my closet before you would have see the same t-shirt in ten different colors.Captain – They have Nordstrom in Seattle, tell Supreme Leader you need a Man Day.


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