Random Tuesday Thoughts : The Top Ten (feels like deja vu)

This Tuesday is a busy one but it just wouldn’t be a Tuesday without Random Tuesday Thoughts with Keely at The Un-Mom so I’m going to do this in a quick Top Ten style. Be sure to head over to her place and see who else is sharing the Random today.

10. I have to go to the dentist to have a filling replaced this morning. Ugh. I believe I also went to the dentist last time on a Tuesday. Coincidence? I’m thinking not.

9. I remembered why I hate school days. Making lunches.

8. I need to coordinate some things with Crazy Landlady but thankfully Cycling Papa is here and he is going to get to meet her today for the first time. I’ll be sure to have the alcohol on standby for when he gets back. Drinking to make yourself forget is the only way to survive the experience.

7. I finally won an online contest! Yea me. Thank you to SciFi Dad and your sponsor (whom I’ve completely forgotten already…) I’m looking forward to getting the books.

6. We hung out for a bit with our neighbors last night. Turns out they are not independently wealthy like I suspected. He just works from home. Still I think that or golf pro was much more fun to imagine.

5. The other neighbor (who I haven’t actually met yet officially) seems to be the opposite of the nice neighbors. Looking forward to the potluck!

4. The school bus came TEN minutes early yesterday causing panic (and making Cycling Papa run uphill). Boo was good though and stayed where he was, knowing he’s not allowed to go anywhere if we haven’t arrived. A few other mothers were already there so they stayed at the stop until the other parents arrived. Highlight of Boo’s day? Taking the bus (should have guessed that one).

3. We turned the air conditioning off yesterday because it was so nice out. Finally I can walk around the house without sweatpants and coat.

2. By the time you get to number 2 you really do run out of Random things to say.

1. Go see Keely for the good Random Thoughts today. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

19 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts : The Top Ten (feels like deja vu)

  1. Can empathize with you on the lunches – Allie looked in her's today and asked if she could have popcorn instead of chips. Okay, the last thing I'm going to do at 5:30AM is shove a bag of popcorn in the microwave. So I asked her why? “Because Landen (her boy crush)gets popcorn in his lunch.”…one more reason I hate that Landen kid


  2. Yikes, the thought of making school lunches sets me in a tailspin already ~~~ and my kids are only 3 and 1 1/2!! Good luck with the lunch making….I turned on our furnace the other nite because 42 degrees outside and65 degrees inside just doesn't cut it for me! I need heat! Just not the hot sticky sweaty summery kind–ha! ha!Loved your Top Ten List!(((Hey, BTW—do you know where Keely IS? She hasn't posted a RTT today and so I'm wondering where that girl is??!!))


  3. Ohhhh… the dentist! I sympathize! I am totally putting that one off. I have to have a surgery done and I am not sure which is worse, the pain or the cost. It's that ridiculously expensive!Happy RT!


  4. As long as they don't have to do more drilling for the replacement, it shouldn't be too bad, right?I hope the rest of the neighbors are nice too or at least bring good food to the potluck.Making lunches is awful. I agree.


  5. you and kyooty and your dentist appts! you must have really good looking dentists! i am way overdue for a visit but i plan on putting it off for a few more years.


  6. Bex Don't put it off, I'm up to 859.00 out of 1000.00 in work for this year, I only have enough to get a cleaning done before Dec31st and I still have 5-6 holes to fill! Make Tuesday Dentist day!


  7. We've got one more week before we start that back to school crap. Yuck!I'm glad things have cooled off, but now the pool is sitting there too cold to swim in. I hate that. I still want to be swimming.


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