What to do Wednesday

Since that title was so fetching on Saturday I thought I’d reuse it today (and I can’t think of much else). It’s the third day of school today and the highlight still the bus ride. We were very early yesterday afternoon and it seems the bus will come at 3:45 instead of the 3:57 they told us. Nice to know these things…
I’ve just been alerted by Cycling Papa that the Bus Mom who yesterday announced that she read in Family Fun Magazine about a morning bus stop breakfast and has now declared that this will be a WEEKLY feature at the bus stop. WTF? She assaulted Cycling Papa (his words as I wasn’t there but I am sure they were accurate) asking what he will be bringing in the morning. He played the Dumb Guy card.
Why oh WHY do we get the Bus Mom? Why can’t we get Normal Mom? Does your bus stop have this insane feature of bringing breakfast for all the kids each week? Or is it just Power Trip Bus Mom of suburban Philadelphia? Really if this is a feature where you live please let me know. I am a Bus Stop newbie but it seems a bit off to me…
Do you ever say yes to something and then the more you think about and the closer it gets you kind of think “What the HECK did I sign up for that for??” I’m kind of having one of those days. I’m in I want to/I don’t want to mode. But hey at least I’m not talking about the PTO – I didn’t even read to end of that sign up I just chucked it into the trash where it belonged (I am so not PTO material. The bus episode above should have clued you into that).
In my stunning wisdom on Monday I scheduled two posts for the same day. I hate it when I do that (wish I could say it was the first time but…) If you were interested in the Ameswalker Hosiery Review please visit the link.

8 thoughts on “What to do Wednesday

  1. I hear ya on the PTA crap. No thank you! I'll help out in class or on field trips but PTA is crazy and out of control. At least around here. And Breakfast at the bus stop? Is she going to have like a little table all set up with the food buffet style? WIERD!


  2. The bus stop mom is something I have never heard of.If you want to get out of it, just say that you feed your kid before he leaves the house for personal or religious or dietary reasons, then bring him a small snack to eat while the rest of the lemmings who are too afraid to say no to her do her bidding.


  3. Ive never heard of that and it seems a bit odd….and what if the kiddos get all sticky or dirty before they get to school…does the crazy driver bring things for them to wipe themselves clean afterwards???? Not to mention all the germies they are getting on their hands while on the bus and then eating!!! hmmm shouldnt eating be done BEFORE your child gets on the bus??


  4. No to PTO stuff!!!! My girlfriend and I just went to the new principal a few years ago and told him that if he ever needed something done and didn't want to go through the politics of PTO – call us.He calls us when he needs something done! ;)And yes, do I sign up for something that sounds good at the time, only to regret it later? Every SINGLE day!


  5. The kids aren't allowed to eat on the b us they should be fed before they arrive at the bus stop so as not to choke on food on the bus? Better? This is SO not done here. Rediculous power trip of “newbies excited” mom? is she uh a K mom? or a 1stgrade mom? cause seriously:? i'm a grade 5 mom? and uh it's GET OUT THERE BEFORE I To yell louder kind of thing. Another option is the “your bus left now you have to wait for ME to drive you and i'm not going to be happy mommy” 🙂


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