Labor Day Monday: Hasay Update

In all my thinking about the holiday today, I had guessed Casey over at Half As Good As You would have forgotten that it’s also time for our once a month Hasay update. It seems I was wrong. I got the most cheerful email with the reminder to update on our exercise-healthy-living progress.

I won’t tell her about the little Voodoo doll I’m having made up that oddly looks just like her.

This month I’ve done a bit of walking. Most of it was in the last week but it still counts. We went to the Maryland State Fair yesterday (details tomorrow) and walked a ton all around the entire place. I’m also walking to and from the bus stop, twice a day. And have I mentioned that it’s uphill? I did? Well, it is the truth and someday I’ll take pictures to prove it.

I did yoga…once. I wanted to do more but at the end of a long day with kids, eh. Other things like slouching on the couch in front of the tv win. Those who know me know about my Dairy Queen obsession. Well be proud of me because I only caved once! Granted the DQ is impossibly far from our house and I couldn’t find it again if you paid me in Tagalong Blizzards but that is really besides the point. I only got one Thin Mint Blizzard after having a filling replaced because for hours afterward my mouth was still numb.

It was medically necessary you see. I needed sustenance. Blended ice cream and cookies are good for that.

That’s about all I have to update about. I’m eating fairly good – well balanced meals and fruits, veggies and all that other stuff. Because I feel weird buying junk food at the store I haven’t really bought much of that. Cycling Papa goes back home today and he’s promised to finish off the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream in the freezer. Good man.

How has your Hasay been going? If you’re not in the club are you meeting your own goals for healthy eating and living? What tips can you offer me?

Do you want to join in monthly encouragement to meet your fitness goals? Sign up over at Casey’s place. That’s Half As Good As You. You too can get a cheerful email every month just like me. We all know exercise is evil but the Hasay Groupies can help.

13 thoughts on “Labor Day Monday: Hasay Update

  1. I wish I felt funny about buying junk food at the store! The cashiers here wouldn't notice if you tried buying a small farm animal. They'd just snap their gum, check their makeup in their handheld compact and hand you change for a twenty.:)


  2. Umm…we just got back from a little road trip. You know how that goes. Soda, licorice, those little peanut butter cups, sweet tarts. Eating out dinners. Yeah, not good. I promise to start tomorrow! šŸ˜‰


  3. DQ —oh dear, I have fallen in love with their Strawberry Cheesquakes!!!!!! EVIL!!!Weight can be such a drag always worrying about. Here in the country, I try to get out and walk every day. But I am not eating as well as I need too. We eat supper too late at night and need to change that. Wait till you reach Menopause, loosing weight becomes a much bigger problem and that middle age spread ——-ICKO.I should be back into blogging more regularily now and it will be nice to be more “up to date” with everyone.


  4. Something tells me your “cheerful” comments contain a bit of sarcasm. So is the walk uphill BOTH WAYS? And are you making them barefoot? šŸ˜‰ Here's to less blizzards and more exercise.


  5. Good for you for all the walking you've been doing. It's been so hot here, that I barely like to go outside let alone walk outside.Ice cream and popsicles are NOT fattening if you are sick.


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