Fair Pictures

It is Tuesday. But I’m not playing Random Tuesdays today. I’ve promised Fair pictures so that’s what you get.

But first you can click through to The Real World for my very last post over there. The time has come for me say goodbye to writing and co-owning the site. Please click over for the details.

We went to the Maryland State Fair on Saturday (or Sunday? Help me I can’t even remember which day it was.) Either way we saw lots of animals. It’s our favorite part of the fair.


You could say the the cows were udderly ridiculous:
Chick and Boo even got to pet a horse after the competition:
We managed to skip every ride even though these looked like fun:
We didn’t even eat a drop of this:
Nor did we pay $4.25 for a glass of lemonade.
Last time we went to the Maryland State Fair Boo looked like this afterward:
Now he looks like this:
Naturally we had to get Chick’s first Fair Picture:

After the fair we cruised on up to N. Maryland past our (old) house. We ended up at Grotto’s Pizza our old favorite place on main street in Newark, De and got to spend some time with an old friend while we ate.

It was weird because as we took the long way back home driving through our old town, we realized things were much the same as they were four years ago. Almost all of the stores and restaurants were still there which surprised us given the economy. At the same time it was nice to see not much had changed. At the end of the day we’d all had a great Day at the Fair:


What do you mean we can’t take anything home? I can share my room…

Have you been to a fair recently? Did you indulge in rides and treats? Or do you prefer the animals like we do?

17 thoughts on “Fair Pictures

  1. Oh boy, all the animals look so clean! as for Boo.. he came a long way.. now he's a big serious boy.. but Chick is still on the hyper side… so watch out mommy!Glad you had fun at the fair.. and sorry to hear about quitting Venus..but i know it's for your family's best.. so totally reasonable:) just don't quit this blog either…we need the fun!Happy Random Tuesday!


  2. Glad you had a great time!!Oh yeah, we were at one fair this summer – saw Alan Jackson in concert and of course the animals, and you have to have a funnel cake!But our county fair just started this weekend, so maybe we will go. It is suppose to be the LARGEST county fair. Its usually very fun.


  3. Haven't been to a fair in a long time… they tend to be overrun with people out here which makes them not all that much fun… but I always avoid the rides. I'm a big 'fraidy cat and a barfer on top of that (TMI!)Great shots, btw! Love the one of the swings!


  4. As a teen, I loved the rides. As a parent, it's about the animals.And those swings….I hate them. I was always afraid the chain would break and my swing would be the one to go flying off.


  5. Hey, Here is one of my favorite thoughts, i am not sure who wrote it, or where it was found, but it makes me stop and think daily…” The fact that I am a woman doesn't make me a different kind of christian, but the fact that I am a Christian does make me a different kind of woman.” enjoy… love and prayers, Lori


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