Review: The Houdini Band

I recently contacted Sherri at BabyHuggables when she posted a problem on a message board. A customer of hers was having trouble with the straps on her Bugaboo not being tight enough to restrain her child. Immediately I thought ‘Hey! Us too!’ After I contacted Sherri to tell her I too had the same problem she sent me this wonderful invention of hers called The Houdini Band.

And if you remember this post, you’ll remember I also have a little Houdini. This product couldn’t be more perfect for us.

Here is the product description from the inventor herself:

Houdini Band wraps around the shoulder harness straps of such products as, strollers, jogging strollers, high chairs, bicycle carts, bicycle baby carriers and more. No more slipping out, leaning out, falling out, standing up, or escaping out of the shoulder harness straps. Voted top product by The Toy Man. Mom Invented, Child Proof, Baby Tested, Mom Approved. Select your fabric for your own custom Houdini Band.

Pretty cool huh? But I thought, Does it actually work? I put it to the test straight away and my results were obvious. Here is Chick in the Bugaboo without the Houdini Band:


She can get out without even trying. Now here she is with the Band:


The Houdini Band significantly reduces the chances of her escape. But after discussing it with Sherri the fault of the straps still not being tight lies with Bugaboo. There is a design flaw issue and apparently I am not the only one with the problem. Here is a side view:


I plan to contact Bugaboo regarding the issue. (Please leave me a comment if your Bugaboo straps are also far bigger than they should be even on the tightest setting.)

I tried the Houdini Band with a stroller whose straps I know work and with a stroller that we frequently use, the Peg Perego P3. Since Chick did a face plant into the driveway, Winnie the Pooh will be standing in for her on this test.

Here are the straps without the band:

houdini band 001

And now with the band. See how much tighter and safer Pooh is?

houdini band 002

From the side you can see Pooh is not going anywhere with the Houdini Band:
houdini band 004

This is a great product, one I plan to get a lot of use out of. I feel comfortable using it (and it could not be simpler to use!) and knowing that Chick will be staying put*. To order your Houdini Band or to learn more please visit BabyHuggables and The Houdini Band

*Please never leave child unattended in a stroller. The Houdini Band is not meant to replace proper adult supervision

**I was provided with this product for free by BabyHuggables

9 thoughts on “Review: The Houdini Band

  1. Very cool product. Unfortunately, we're shitty parents and our strollers only have a three-point harness in them and therefore cannot use it. (And actually, when we were shopping for the 2-kid stroller last year, none of them had five-points, so maybe it's a U.S. thing.)


  2. I am really surprised to hear that about the Bugaboo. We're looking at strollers now and everything I read says it's the Rolls Royce of all strollers!Great product, thanks for the heads-up.


  3. I'm thinking of making the Bonehead Brothers use these in their car when they go to school.Wait – can we strap them into their chairs in calculus? I'm seeing big potential here- even for those out of the stroller stage!


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