Random Tuesday Thoughts: A Writer Mama’s Tale

It’s Random Tuesday with Keely at the UnMom. If you have been living under a large rock (or in a Malibu beach house you don’t actually own) then get up and get over to The Un Mom and see what all this fuss is about.

I’m taking my parents to NYC in October to see the 9/11 memorial museum. My dad was a firefighter for 30 plus years so this is something pretty meaningful. Boo also learned about it at school so we thought it could be a valuable learning experience as well. I also haven’t been to that part of the city since it happened.

Have you seen the new digs for the kids at Boston University? Umm, hello! Can I go back to school with a view like that please?

The bus continues to be Boo’s highlight of school. Thankfully I haven’t seen Bus Mom since the breakfast of the first week. Wonder why…

We went to buy some pillowcases the other week (cause I couldn’t find any of ours among the hundreds of boxes in the basement). Have you seen how much sheets cost these days? On sale for $159.99 And we went to Kohls not Neiman Marcus! They had pillowcases for a whopping bargain of $49.99 for two! I’ll keep my sadly fraying red checked sheets thanks.

The other day Boo had on plaid shorts with a striped polo shirt. He picked them out. They did at least have consistent colors; orange and blue.

Whenever I try to log into our online banking it asks me a different security question. Like every single time. How many security questions could there possibly be??

I recently tried to inquire about some medical stuff for Boo by contacting insurance and the doctor. Talk about amazingly complicated. The best was when the doctor I talked to said she charges 3 grand and did I know that she doesn’t take any insurance? Check, next doctor please!

On the happy side, Chick will be getting speech therapy again. The best part is it’s through the state or county or whatever and is FREE. Have I mentioned that I love FREE?

Boo doesn’t want to be called Boo here anymore. Since I won’t use his real name here maybe you can all leave some suggestions for what we should call him. He’s a wicked smart, cute, train obsessed 7 year old. What do you think?

As each day goes by I find myself longing to be back in life as an expat. What is wrong with me?? (*please note that would be as an expat anywhere but in Germany which naturally is the one place that keeps offering Cycling Papa interviews)

I am playing a little game of telephone with Kim at Zook Book Nook called A Writer Mama’s Tale. The story will go from blog to blog with each person adding their own little 140 character version:

A Writer Mama’s Tale: The Seduction of Vintage Grapes (by Kim at Zook Book Nook)

Even the crickets had rested their legs when she sat back in her chair and sighed with a final sip of vintage grapes. Darkness swallowed

A Writer Mama’s Tale: How It Began (by Blogging Mama)

…the sob that threatened to tear from her throat as she watched her only child drive away. What did he know about the world outside of…

Turn the page and read more with Missty at Life Is Good tomorrow.

That’s about all the random I’ve got for today. Go see Super Keely for more.


Be sure to stop by next week and you’ll be sure to find just as much Random.

*it’s not you it’s blogger. The last two lines of this post are really small and I can’t get it to fix.

I’m being mentioned over at Ca-Joh’s place today. Stop by and see why.

23 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: A Writer Mama’s Tale

  1. Free is always the best price for everything.And my son is heart broken that preschool doesn't include a bus…something about the bus just fasincates them all I think.Happy Random Tuesday.


  2. I'm a sucker for FREE to.. can we make a therapy group named FREE??oh and 3grans for what??what the crap does that doctor do??? tricks and confetti???plus i totally understand your hate for Germany..oh boy how I'd love to be able to move… *darn you husband* …”Love you honey:*mwwwwwa:*”Happy Random!


  3. The school bus was the only part of kindergarten my son liked. That is until his dumbass bus driver left him on the bus during the bus evacuation drill and didn't even notice he was there until she was almost to the bus garage. Still pisses me off 2 years later!Your bus stop mom is certifiably crazy. I've been taking our kids to the bus stop for 21 years and still have like 10 more to go. Never, ever has anyone said we needed a bus stop breakfast. Like we get to the bus stop in time to eat breakfast. Plus are they going to brush their teeth at the bus stop. What if they spill something on their clothes. Just too many problems. Good luck with that looney!


  4. FREE is always good! I can afford free… 🙂 That is so cool you're taking your parents to NYC to see the 9/11 memorial museum – it'll be extra special for your dad for sure.I wonder how 'posh' digs will be for college kids when Princess Nagger reaches that age? And I wonder if she'll mind me moving in with her to enjoy the luxury… ;)I've been irked about the prices of sheets and pillow cases, too – I really want to update mine, but not at those prices. Oooh! That little progressive story sounds like fun! I like it so far! :)Happy RTT! 🙂


  5. HOLY SCHMOLIES!!!I went to Boston University (we won't say how many years ago) and let me tell you, my dorm room did not have that view. Or was it anything remotely as nice as that! Figures! PS- Love the Writer's Mama Tale idea!


  6. I always love that SuperKeely picture. I went pillow shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond a few weeks back and quickly decided to stick with my lumpy old pillow since damn, they're expensive. Yay for free speech therapy! I had Graham evaluated a few months back and it cost me $150 just for the evaluation. Grrr.


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