I’ve Been Thinking…

Whenever I say “I’ve been thinking…” to Cycling Papa he internally groans, rolls his eyes and shudders all at the same time (it really is kinda neat to watch). But…I’ve been thinking…Do you Tweet your blog posts? I was glancing through Twitter this morning and most of what’s up there is all just links to peoples posts. I have never really thought about doing that. It kind of seems pushy to me and I am the definite opposite of pushy. Usually.

Do you get more traffic if you Tweet your posts? And is ‘Tweet’ the correct word? I’m not really a Twitter person though I joined and occasionally throw something up there. I never really understood Facebook and the purpose of it and now I’m feeling just the same way about Twitter. I don’t really get it.

I see a lot of people linking to their blogs on Facebook too. Under my profile I do have a link to my blog but I don’t post my blog on Facebook. This is due to the debate when I first joined Facebook about Facebook owning your content if you loaded it to their servers. Which I wanted no part of. I’m not really sure how that all ended up I got tired of following it.

I’m not really looking to ‘pimp’ my blog per se but I’m wondering if I’m just not using the services at my disposal correctly.

I also have a LinkedIn account because I wrote a guide for a website and the owner sent me an invite. Cycling Papa has encouraged me to find other writers that way and to connect with a writer I took a class from, Katie Macalister. Her agent was featured in this months RWA magazine (Romance Writers of America). If they say it’s all about who you know…I looked her up and she’s on there but I hesitated to send out the ‘invite’ to be linked. I took a class from her but I don’t ‘know’ her. I’m certain she’d remember me as I was the only person in Germany in the class. But is it rude to use that itty bitty connection to further myself?

See I’m just not pushy at all.

A couple of questions: Do you either Facebook link your blog and/or Twitter link your blog? Have you seen a significant rise in traffic because of it? Does anyone know if Facebook does own your content if it is published on their site? Are you using LinkedIn for professional connections and how do you like it?

15 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking…

  1. On a rare occasion I tweet about my blog posts. Usually I forget about Twitter, as the novelty seems to have worn off for me. But I know there are followers there who want to read the blog, but are not “followers” of the blog. Does that make sense? Other than that, I kinda let it be it's own monster.Missy


  2. Im of no help on this one as I dont use facebook or twitter…..My college boys are all about facebook so I guess thats why I chose to stay away let them do their thing without feeling like mom is snooping…although they show me their pages so Im not missing out on anything..hehe as for twitter I just haven't decided to go there..not really understanding the whole point behind people leaving a quick message to tell me what they are doing…but thats just me. I did hear on the news the other night that twitter put something on their site to let you know they are not like facebook in the fact that what you write is your own. But thats all I know about that.


  3. First, if you're so inclined, you can use the Networked Blogs application on Facebook, which will push your feed to your wall, pulling an image from the post (if available) or a screen capture of your blog. (You can see my wall for an example.) Since it uses RSS, Facebook doesn't actually have your content there; it merely displays a snippet and a link to your blog.As for me, I joined Facebook more as an experiment than anything else. I don't use Twitter, mainly because I blame it for ruining blogging (short version: it's easy to be seduced into posting in 140 character quips, but when you do that you can no longer write an actual blog post about it).


  4. Still don't get why people like to tell others every minute of their day by twittering, and still haven't gotten sucked into facebook. I'll just stick with my little ole blog. 🙂


  5. I have a twitter account but never use it because I HATE it… never really got into it. And I don't usually post my blog on facebook. I have a few times and it didn't really drive that much more traffic my way. (Let's face it, it's why we'd post our blogs there.) My guess is that the FB friends who I'd want reading my blog already do… As far as linked in, I only use it professionally since it provides access to my hard-earned work contacts. My mom doesn't need those! Sometimes all of this social networking can be just too much, you know?


  6. I Twitter. Ocassionally I will plug my blog, but not always. I like it. It can be fun, but does take time.Kinda like just chatting with a friend for a quick minute at the store, etc. Like yesterday I got a Tweet from someone, she said she had tons to do today, and didn't want to do anything. I tweeted back I was the very same way, no motivation. She ended our little converstaion by saying Then lets go to Disneyland. I said I was game. Lite hearted, nothing of importance, but fun. I could see me having that very conversation running into a friend at Target. kwim? Yet this “friend” lived far away.I don't facebook. I really dont want to get all tied up with everyone I have ever met, dated, went to grade school with, etc. And to me that is how that seems.So I blog, and I twitter. And no I don't see more action on my blog from my twittering, maybe because I don't promote it all that much?


  7. I'm like you – I don't like to toot my own horn, and I don't like to be pushy. But I did sign up with Twitterfeed to automatically Tweet my blog posts for me, since I'm rarely actually on Twitter… And I do have my blog posts 'fed' into my Facebook page (like SciFi Dad described it). Did I notice any difference in traffic after I did those things? Not really. But I don't really pay attention too much to traffic and hits and all that jazz… I have a LinkedIn account, too – and a few bloggy friends have 'found' me over there, but I haven't really done much with it, since I'm not sure in what capacity I want that to be. I'm thinking that one would be best kept more 'business-y'. :)I'm sorry, I probably wasn't any help to you at all, was I? 🙂


  8. Only if I am oooohey gooey excited about something do I tweet my posts. But like you, I'm just not that into it. I do NOT link my blog to FaceBook, because, well, I'm weird like that I guess. Some of my friends on FB are bloggy friends, and I'm cool with that, but I'm not into sharing my daily posts with old friends from high school. You know? If they really wanted to find me in Blog Land I know it is super easy to do so – I guess I just don't want to be THAT connected. LOL I probably make no sense at all, but somehow it makes sense in my head. ;D


  9. I'm scared of Facebook, don't have time to Twitter and am wary of other things b/c as a journalist, I have to use them for work. And I like to keep my day job and whimsical writing as separate as church and state.


  10. I have tweeted 2 blog posts in my history of blogging, but that's usually after a big hiatus. But then I don't really tweet either (i think i have 19 tweets in total). Coming from the perspective of someone who makes no money off her blog, and therefore is not so concerned with traffic, I can see the usefulness if you have a lot of friends who aren't that computer savvy, i.e. don't have a blog roll/feed set up and don't remember to check back on a blog that might only get sporadically updated.


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