Random Tuesday Thoughts: Contributing to the economy

Random Tuesday Thoughts are here again. Go to Keely’s for more Random than you can possibly handle. Here’s what I’ve got on the menu for today:

I’m walking for Autism research Saturday September 26. You can click this link BloggingMama Walks for Autism to make a donation. Thanks for your support of a great cause!

Cycling Papa and his two friends decided to help out the Germany economy (which near where he lives is at 11% unemployment). Considering the carnage left behind on the table we’ll be lucky if they don’t end up on the unemployment line themselves.


This next guy might have had the right idea though. Wine bottle in the bibs? Well I suppose so!


Do you ever get uncomfortable around people you see everyday that you have very little in common with but you are forced to make small talk with anyway?

Monday is a holiday from school here. It’s Yom Kippur. I could ask the lady at the bus stop (who is Jewish) what the holiday means but would that be rude? If you know what it means let me know, I’m too lazy to go look it up.

We have this butterfly garden we bought at Learning Express. You send away for catepillars, they get mailed to you in a cup with all the food inside, they hang out and get fat then they form the chysalids. Yesterday the final one of the five broke out of the chrysalid into a beautiful Painted Lady Butterfly. We released some on Sunday and will release the last two today after school. It’s pretty neat to see how they go from stage to stage over three weeks.

Did you know butterfly’s only live about two weeks? Sad for such a beautiful creature.

Do you know they can lay 500 eggs though? I really hope they didn’t lay those in the mesh cage thing you keep them in.

Yesterday I got to listen to a person (who shall not be named) grovel on the phone after they accidentially forwarded me a very offensive and quite frankly donwright unprofessional email regarding me and my parenting that was meant for someone else. I love not being on the Foot In The Mouth Side for once.

Why does the whine (and not the drinking kind mentioned above) get bigger the smaller the person? Chick’s about three feet tall maybe but her whine is about 98 feet tall. She also has a cold that requires snot to fly out of her nose every time she sneezes. Why is that?

In case you missed it I’m walking for Autism Research this weekend and I could use your donations! The link is to my direct donation page and is completely safe and secure. It’s for a great cause and is tax deductable! BloggingMama Walks For Autism Get clicking!

Head over to Keely’s and take a peek at all Random being spouted around the internet today!

21 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Contributing to the economy

  1. don't even get me started on the fests here.. there's gonna be a bunch of them between these 2months.. with all the Oktober Fest and the National Day and everything.. there's gonna be a lot of beer and wurst smells around the town.. and the worse is that we have to put up with it as we live exactly where the Fußgängerzone is.. darn it:(Happy Randomness!


  2. What would be the Octo-mom version of the butterfly? And the wine bib, do they have a wine fanny pack?Totally understand the small talk with people. Happens at my bus stop too. All these moms keep trying to figure out why I'm there with the girls. However, they do like it when I hold open the gate door for them to push all their strollers back through.


  3. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year. That's when Jews all over the world ask for forgiveness for all the things they've done wrong. The day is pretty much spent in temple praying. Oh, and you have to fast– you can't eat or drink for 24 hours! If I knew how to link up to a good article about it, I would but I am not sure how to do that in comments.Happy Randomness!PS- So THAT'S what overalls are really meant for! 🙂


  4. Yes! I hate small talk like that. What's up with the person who was talking smack about you? Tell them to shove it where the sun don't shine. In kind words or not. Love the wine in the bibs. lol


  5. Thanks Robin for explaining. I was confused then. Is Rosh Hashannah was Jewish New Year? I know I celebrated that with a family I was a nanny for. I guess I should have been better prepared! I loved the prayers before we ate though. The Hebrew language is amazing.


  6. I see that someone already explained Yom Kippur. So I won't bore you with another explanation. Let's just make small talk! ;)I love that the Butterflies actually broke out and can fly. We had a tadpole habitat once and our tadpoles never turned into frogs…..sad.Enjoy your Tuesday!


  7. Whats with that email? I would be ticked and say something about if you have a problem with my parenting, just wait till you hear me talk about idiots who can't email correctly! We had a butterfly project, and a silkworm project both very cool. The ant colony – don't do! Those dam ants got out in the middle of the night and bit my son! He had it next to his bed.


  8. What a wonderful cause to be involved with. And, it is nice to not be on the foot in the mouth side, but not very nice when someone isn't be nice and you find out about it. My blog design is newish. 🙂


  9. wowsers on the person who sent you the e-mail… i would not have been so nice!and glad to see that someone else also explained yom kippur to you. oye the fasting! and yes, rosh hashanah is the jewish new year!!


  10. I dunno but we were having that same discussion here yesterday… how Elliot is so tiny and cute but so LOUD! It's strange.Wow, that must have pissed you off to receive that email (in error) but made you feel like you had all the power. Heheh. I'm going to check into that butterfly garden next summer.. too cool.


  11. I think it's hilarious that an email about you got sent to you. I'm sure the sender will have some trouble living that one down. She'll think twice before talking smack about someone's parenting skills. I'm sure.I hate small talk. I always feel pressured when I take my daughter to her bus stop to chit-chat with the other mom there, so I usually try to bolt before she can talk me up…I'm a coward I know. 😉


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