Monday’s Muse with Cinnamon and Honey: Autism Speaks

*blogger isn’t letting me add space between some of the pictures so please forgive the crowded look.

Today is Monday and that means it’s time for Monday’s Muse with Robin at Cinnamon and Honey. If you aren’t sure what Monday’s Muse is or you would like to participate then head over to Robin’s place for all the details.


This week it was easy for me to find my muse. It came from a little thing I did with my kids on Saturday. We participated in this:


I could not think a better cause than this. It’s near to my heart but that’s a future post as to why. For now I’m going to show you who else was raising money for Autism Speaks. Just take a look.

It all started here in Philadelphia at Citizens Bank Park.
Some celebrities came by to champion the cause.
Holly Robinson Peete
Actress Holly Robinson Peete and her son
Phillies Phanatic
Then it was time to walk. A one mile loop around the parking lot and stadium. Can you guess how many people participated?
In Front
And all around
There was a band to keep us going and plenty of refreshments along the way
Afterwards we met some more famous people, like Boba Fett
And we had this man to thank for letting us try on the Phillies World Series rings.
It was pretty cool.
But the best part of all was raising money for an awesome cause with these two.
We raised $270 and next year I plan to join the walk more than 6 days beforehand so I can raise a heck of a lot more. I’m hoping maybe to get a team of walkers together and make it into something really special. I’d like to thank the people who donated to my personal page for Autism Speaks – my parents, my mother in law and two of her sisters and a big thanks to my blogger friend Natasha at Exile on Mom Street for her donation. Without them I could not have helped Autism Speaks to their total of $551,697 (as listed thus far). There were an estimated 13-15000 people at the walk and it was a great event.
What inspires you? Do you have a charity you actively participate in? Stop by Cinnamon and Honey and see what else is inspiring people this week!

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