Random Tuesday Thoughts: Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

Once again it’s that devilish day of the week that I know so well. Tuesday Sweet Sweet Tuesday where everything’s Random and hey, It’s Okay! Link up and visit over at Keely’s place, The Un Mom.

What the hell? When I try to copy the code from Keely’s site for the Fugly button all I get is the {a href }bit no matter if I right click and copy or use shortcut keys. Why doesn’t it like me??

<img src="http://www.blogger.com/" scr="http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb9/superkeely/randomtuesday.jpg” width=”200″ alt “randomtuesday” />

I actually typed the whole freakin’ code thing out just so I can be cool like all the rest of you. And it still didn’t work. Oh I smite you blogger! (and no pieces of the code aren’t missing they just aren’t all showing in the post page)

Just go HERE okay?

The Un Mom

Oh sure, I can copy that bit of code fine but the other? Nooo!

Pardon me I’m having computer angst.

When you pack your kids lunches or your own lunch do you open the plastic baggies all at once when you take them out of the box or open them one at a time as you put each individual item into them?

We had a playdate with the neighbors from the bus stop on Friday. Nothing’s better on a half day of school than a playdate.

Except a bath after said playdate because the park was muddy. Look at me Mama, a piggy in a blanket.

I may not be getting into the swing of the coupon clipping but I’m doing really well for rebates. I’m expecting $150 in gift cards from various places just for signing up for things like a cell phone and internet service. What else can I sign up for next??

It’s official. Pumpkin Spice coffee is available. Load me up. You can also get Pumpkin Spice Latte’s at Starbusks but for $3.85 a pop that’s a half a bag of Pumpkin Spice coffee. Just brew a pot and throw some spray whip on there and you’ll never know the difference. *PS I stand corrected $4.45 for a grande!!

I may have mentioned this before but here in the burbs it’s like Animal Kingdom. We’ve seen birds, deer, a red tail fox (beautiful thing too but I was so glad to be inside as it went right past my window) and bunnies. What’s next? Santa Claus and his reindeer?

It’s only Tuesday and so far I’ve mentioned Christmas twice this week. I think my sister is rubbing off on me. And Gina at My Own Brand of Crazy too. And maybe Missty. Forget it let’s move onto New Year shall we?

Drinking from the water fountain at school? I wouldn’t if I were you.

I don’t care how much it costs. I would love to spend the night at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house. It’d be worth every penny to spend two days hanging about in a masterpiece like that.


photo credit www.fallingwater.org

I have actually never been there* but I absolutely love Frank Lloyd Wright. It was his work and that of Le Corbuiser that made me study architecture in college (for a brief time until it turned out I can’t actually draw.)

Anyway, my Parental Units arrive on next weeks Random Tuesday so I may be scarce for a bit. Then Cycling Papa arrives on Friday of the same week and we are off to NYC for a day. I’ll be sure to post the pictures from our visit to the 9/11 musuem or memorial {not entirely sure what the name is}. It’s going to be quite an emotional day for sure.

The other day I got a notice that Boo’s airline miles were going to expire but I could trade them in for magazine subscriptions for free. Remember I like Free. So coming soon to my little itty bitty mailbox: Sports Illustrated regular and kids version and Golf Magazine (for the boys), Conde Nast Traveler, Vogue, Wine Spectator, The Economist, Barrons, Business Week, Wall Street Journal and Time. Have I mentioned my love of newsy and economic magazines lately? If you put me in a waiting room and there are a selection of magazines ranging from Ladies Home Journal, Entertainment Weekly and Newsweek; I go for Newsweek everytime. The rest just don’t interest me.

Thank you to everyone who suggested new names for Boo. I like Thor personally (thanks SciFi Dad) but no one else in my family seems to like it as much as I do. I also liked The Boy Formerly Known As Boo but that’s long and the acronym TBFKAB doesn’t thrill me either.

We’ll round out todays Random with a poem I found in one of my college literature textbooks.

A River Rhyme – by William Cole

It was floodtime on the Seine:

Flotsam, jetsam, garbage, then

Five cats clinging to a plank-

Un, deux, trois cats sank!

There you have it another Random Tuesday under my belt. Thus far I have 21 RTT labeled posts to date. Just how many more I have in me is anyone’s guess. Get Random in the comments or over at The UnMom.

*I think I may just have to drag my kids on a road trip. Who’s up for it? It’s fall in PA and it’s gorgeous.

Coming October 5th The Motherhood Muse Blog! Want to learn more about the blog and the exciting new ezine launching in January 2010 featuring a column by yours truly? Then head over to The Motherhood Muse for details.


19 thoughts on “Random Tuesday Thoughts: Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

  1. Ooo I'm thinking about Christmas already too! My husband and I are planning and planning.. but no money:P we gotta step up and find something eventually cause this is our only chance to have a break from this darn Germany this year:POoo and i love Thor! go for it! Boo will love it too. it sounds like so SciFi:)Happy Random Tuesday!


  2. morning, very nicely Randomized. I didn't get to writing mine out yet. I've got 1 hoem from school today with a stomach ache. I suspect the ache might be from some overnight cough medicine. ooops!hmmmm Boo? what about Boy?


  3. I'm jealous of your fall weather, can we come on a road trip and visit you? The only Xmas thinking I've done has been to start dumping toys left and right in preparation for all the new crap we're going to get since Graham's birthday is on 12/20 and we get WAY too many toys. I'm a germophobe and we've all got the plage so I'm skipping your water fountain drinking article. Hope you enjoy your full house next week!


  4. Yes! My evil plan has worked. Hee Hee Hee. And I vote for Thor too. I know a Thor and he is very cool. You just can't go wrong with a name like that. 🙂


  5. Pumpkin spice lattes-mmmm. I learned how to make them at home too. Where my wife works they have individual bags of Starbucks that she brings home. I use our little expresso machine and viola – just like the original. Congrats on the column. I will be checking that out.


  6. Great Random. I am so random this week, I forgot! LOL And yes Christmas is comning! I say lets blame it on Valerie. She started it!And love the Thor name. Why not, sounds cool and its short – easy to say and type.And last you made my laugh – “parental units” LOL


  7. Okay you win the prize for the best RANDOM today! Totally random and I loved every snippet!How fun for you to have your parents and the hubs stop in for a visit!!! It will be like……Christmas!Happy Random Tuesday!


  8. Okay you win the prize for the best RANDOM today! Totally random and I loved every snippet!How fun for you to have your parents and the hubs stop in for a visit!!! It will be like……Christmas!Happy Random Tuesday!


  9. I'm trying to not think about Christmas, but it just keeps popping up in my brain. I just want to get through Halloween first.We've got a hawk here that's been on the kids swingset trying to get all the squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks.


  10. If you ever want to go on a really loooong road trip, you could head here to southern Indiana, unlike the rest of the state, it's hilly and foresty and gorgeous here, making fall a lovely season.I hear you on the wildlife. Last night, I heard coyotes howling (shudders).


  11. People keep talking about Halloween decorating and I do want to do that but quite frankly, I would just enjoy skipping ahead to the Christmas decorating. Baggies…I think I do it one at a time when packing lunches.


  12. Hey, if you are in PA then you MUST go to Falling Water. It's like a 3 hour drive from Hershey where we vacationed last summer. It was so worth the trip – a simply amazing home!!


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