B*tchy Award

I’m feeling like this these days so I decided to give myself an award of my own design. Feel free to snag it if you like. Be sure to tell me why in the comments!

Venus and Mars

*Okay so the comments (and the wake of a new day) made me realize I was in a mood last night when I did this. I’m leaving it though. Let’s use it as a chance to get something off our chests. Have a ‘B*itchy Day’ if you will. If you’ve got a complaint, whine or someone you’d like to give the heave-ho leave it here. I’m declaring this award to be a pass for a day to say whatever you want. (You can save it for future use as well.)

11 thoughts on “B*tchy Award

  1. Ok I'll bitch. I'm bitching about the cabinet guy who decided (after hubby already told him he probably wasn't going to put one in) that he was going to cut a hole in my wall to make another outlet above my end cabinet, because HE thought there should be one there too. What the hell? I so don't see you being a B either but…if you need to, you know where to find me!


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